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Friday, 15 July 2016


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No tips Im afraid. Im as bad as anyone I know lol. Beautiful layout. Clean fresh & gorgeous to look at. Hope you manage to keep up to speed and lighten your load P xx


This spread is really pleasing to the eye ... lovely use of colour.


As always your layouts are so restful & easy to the eye. You are the mistress of clean & simple. Like you we have been taking a much needed break from any form of news whether it be TV, radio or printed. I feel so overwhelmed by it all right now. As you pointed out nature does heal us & reconnects us to our(real)selves. As my blog often notes, you know I spend a lot of time on the patio & in my garden. Wishing you many more enjoyable walks by the river (lucky you).

Melissa Gross

No tips here . . . I think you just have to find what works with your current season of life & your preferences. I'm working to get caught up processing photos, but I'm ok with lots of scrapping left to do.

Cheri Andrews

I long ago gave up any pretense of being "caught up" - I scrapbook when the inspiration strikes and don't worry about it otherwise. So I guess I'm not much help. Love the layout. I also just bought Gift From The Sea. Never read it before so will be dipping in soon!


no tips here either! I'm impressed about even sorting through photos daily. and I love to see these spreads (of course they're banner-worthy :-)


I'm afraid I can't help you with keeping up to date ... I have 1 page done this year. Although I would add that it is important when you do eventually drop behind, because everyone does, is not to let that break your habits and just keep going.

Being in among some green is restful I think, wonderful that you all got out and away from the news.


Being nearly 8 months behind in my Project Life, any tips from me would have to be disregarded. I do keep up with my daily journal so I always have a written record, and upload my photos faithfully, but I've let key words go and your list reminds me how important they can be. Since I scrapbook by the month, all my photos are organized by the month, but if I'm looking for someone/some thing specific it surely helps to have the keywords. I'm also reading Work Clean, but had to put it aside to read some library books and our book group book. I need more dedicated time for reading and for scrapbooking! Your pages (and your blog) have always been the standard to which I aspire!


I think our photo projects are never ending....I've produced 3 photo books in the last few months. Week in the Life 2014 (yes 2014) and my 52 Week Project for 2014 and 2015. My year book for 2014 is still a work in progress....2015 not started and 2016 have done January. I like the daily 15-20 minutes of work to avoid the huge task of going through photos. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


There is very much a mental drain by unfinished projects, whether we admit it or not. Having a plan and developing a habit is a good solution - good luck with yours. For those of us who don't like plans and can't seem to pick up new habits, just trying to keep focused on a single priority helps. I've been working on unfinished projects this summer, and I have to say that the momentum builds as you go along.


Good luck with your new 'keeping up' regime...love the layout! Xx

Lisa H

I like the idea of a keeping up regime although I'm not the one to ask! I'm woefully behind on almost everything in my life. But your photo download routine sounds like something I should do. Such a lovely spread.


One thing I need to add to my Daily Meeze is "read blogs!" I am woefully behind! Love your adaptation of the book's concept to processing photos and scrapping...the result you shared is "pure Alexa's best." As others have commented, your layouts are always so inspiring.

I intend to spend Sat all day scrapping - fingers crossed - inspired in part by you. Here's hoping.



This is so lovely and calming...and I am 29 weeks behind in my project life for 2016....I've done one week. I'd say small bites is the best best thing! Trying to get back on the d'load and process 1x per week...that used to work great for me! Hang in there!

Missus Wookie

I find having a routine means things happen, it is when 'life happens' and the routine slips that it gets problematic.

But even dropping things into templates and knowing the journaling is somewhere to be copied/pasted works to make me feel happier about those things that aren't done.

Glad you all got out into the sunshine.

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