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Monday, 11 July 2016


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So happy to see you and Sian together (and in such a wonderful city!).

Melissa Gross

I'm so glad y'all were able to enjoy a trip away. And what FUN to get to spend time with Sian & her family, too!


We had such a lovely time! And we are all hoping that you'll be able to come back again soon because you are welcome any time!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

LOVE seeing blog friends together. :o) So happy that you had a great getaway, Alexa. Well deserved!


Such a warm welcoming bike with flowers that match the two rare flowers in the blogging garden ... both delightful. Oh a broken foot for Himself - OUCH. You two seem to have a run of bad bone luck of late. Sending positive healing energy


What a lovely photo! And what a great visit you had, despite both being 'in the wars'.


You both look lovely, and as I said to Sian this morning, it's such a pleasure to open up a blog post and see two familiar smiling faces. Glad you were able to get away for such a special event.

Cheri Andrews

So glad you were well enough to get away to the big do - and meeting up with Sian - how wonderful! Hoping to meet up with you when I am in London - sent you an email. Plans right now are leaning towards "tea" either near Kings Cross Station or the British Museum on Friday, July 29. Will you be able to come??? I SO would LOVE to meet up with you!!!


That sounds like a perfect getaway weekend for catching up with family and friends. Glad you both were able to manage.


Glad you were both fit enough to get to that wedding and how lovely that you saw Sian....and have a well- deserved break together! Xx

Lisa H

I love that photo of the two of you. How lovely that you took the chance to meet up.

Missus Wookie

What a lovely photo - so glad you got to go to the wedding and to see Sian.

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