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Monday, 20 June 2016


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Deb @ PaperTurtle

Sweet Alexa. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I had to pop over and see if you were "back" and to my delight I've just enjoyed your latest post. I am making note of this book because I think it would be a fun Christmas gift for a few people I know, and I laughed knowingly at all of the texts from your daughter. YOUR list, my dear, is not nearly as fun-filled, except for the last part about feeling inspired and uplifted. I will confess that sitting with patients with dementia in my hospice training is something I'm fairly nervous about. Our training this weekend will focus on dementia - a whole day dedicated to just that. I'm so sorry that you are going through this with your dear dad - PLUS your shoulder to which I can totally relate! I'm happy that you blogged so that, if nothing else, our sweet blogging community can send you love and support you through this trying time. I'm thinking of you and sending big hugs from across the pond. xoxox


Wonderful lists; I recently read about Einstein's list somewhere else. Oh, my! Think that might have sent me on my way. We've missed you, of course, but I can relate to the frozen shoulder; spent many a week in physical therapy years ago after a fall on black ice. Cannot begin to relate to navigating a path with a loved one suffering from dementia, but can only imagine how exhausting--both physically and emotionally it must be. Hoping to see you again soon, and sending love and prayers your way.

Esther A

Thanks for that great idea, Alexa. I fear I've already forgotten some gems. I do recall a recent question along the lines of "How long do laxatives take to work?" which had much more detail than would be appropriate to share! And then the jubilant message when apparently laxatives were no longer required. Isn't it special to be the one they share such things with?!
I am sorry things are tough with your father and that your shoulder is taking so long to mend.


What a delight to see a post from you in my feed reader.... you've been missed! I'm so sorry to read the reasons you've been absent, but sure hope that last list helps you get back. and btw - I LOVE lists! they are a fun way to journal and simply mark what's happening right now.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea

Lovely to see you Alexa. Sorry to hear of your struggles and hoping that the love in your comments will give you a little boost. I have not been blogging (or reading) much lately, while I try to get my son back on track after his awful uni experience. I'm so glad I popped in today, as I have just purchased that book secondhand for my boy's birthday next month. He is a big fan of lists.


So wonderful to see you at the keyboard again. And even when you may not feel totally back in the swing of things, you do not disappoint your readers. Delightful to read post! Personally, for an accountant, I am surprisingly not that big a fan of lists, and what's worse I'm afraid I might have passed on that lack of order to at least one in the next generation. Saying a prayer that 1 & 2 no longer merit the top of the list very very soon.


I did enjoy reading this post, even the not-so-nice bits. You should start a blog series on what your daughter says ... she would rival The Boy Child any day of the week. (One thing I miss most now that my mum has gone? Our regular text conversations).
That Epstein? Autistic.


So glad to see a post from you today. Your photos & layouts are so elegant, so peaceful looking, they relax the eye.

Sorry for your physical & emotional issues of late. I am not wise enough (yet) to offer any real deep seated wisdom, but please know that I do send you lots of positive healing energy. I feel for you with frozen shoulder. I think dementia is hard on the care givers/family - loosing that loved one while still having them alive erodes away at your spirit.

I really like lists, I make lists of the lists I need to make. Your daughter's list are a real chuckle.


What a lovely, lovely post: rising as it does from difficulties and worries I think it will give a little lift to everyone who reads.

Of course I love "things I thought I'd never hear my daughter say". My friend from school and I were laughing at each other recently when we realised that instead of our talk of 30 years ago, we were discussing the merits of conservatories. Eighteen year old Sian and Kate would have been rolling about laughing at that


How lovely to see you back Alexa! I do like the sound of that book.
Your list of things you never thought you would hear your daughter say made me smile - I have lost count of the things I've heard myself say that I would never have imagined!
Sorry to hear that life is becoming more challenging with your dad, you know that all of your blog friends are thinking of you and wishing you well.


So glad you felt well enough to share your delightful wit and prose. As we have all said you were missed, indeed. I hope and pray that your shoulder pain will be ending soon...know that I am sending nothing but good vibes your way. Take care and we always enjoy your wit. We are cheering for you. Feel better, soon!


So nice to see you opening a window to air the space, and making yourself back at home here.

I love that you still record things your daughter says - I wonder if my parents remember the time, around 7years ago, when after falling off my bike I phoned my Mam to ask what she thought I should do with my elbow: 'Well, there's like, a funny lump sticking out of it' I said. Needless to say she recommended A&E!!

I hope these (finally!!) warmer days being you moments of respite. X


Ohhh Alexa, I am saddened to hear your dad is declining, it's so hard for eveyone involved. My shoulder yelled at me the other day to let me know that I was wrong in thinking I was 100% "unfrozen" but it is so much better. I pray yours is fully healed soon. I always admire and envy people that actually make the list of things said. As with so many things and me it was always on the list of best intentions. I have been very scarce this year and was delighted to see your post when I dropped into cyberworld. {{{hugs}}}


I, too, have been absent and it takes a while to get back in the swing. I've been better about blogging than visiting. But it's nice to get back to see what my friends are up to.
Holding you and your family in my thoughts and hope to be a more regular visitor.

Missus Wookie

Delighted to see you pop in my comments and blog roll. So hoping your shoulder continues to improve, I can recommend doing the exercises given for years longer than you would have thought necessary.... I'm about to go off and buy another band :sigh:

That is a lovely sounding list (adding it to a Christmas present list for dd) and the list of comments made me smile, glad you have kept a list!

Melissa Gross

Such a lovely post of lists today! I'm so sorry to hear about the pain & exhaustion and apathy! I've said a prayer for you today, for healing & renewed energy & strength as you care for your dad and take care of yourself!

I love the list of texts from your daughter! I have a list of questions that my family has called & asked me over the years - it's hilarious because they think I'm the smart one. The random list includes things like: What's the formula to change Fahrenheit to Celsius? and Where can I sell a used mink coat?

Cheri Andrews

I'm terribly behind the times, but catching up on blog reading today was so happy to see this little gem from you! Sorry to hear that the shoulder is continuing to bother you and that your Dad is declining - that combination has to be like a gut punch - and if you are surviving it with only apathy and exhaustion then I think you are doing marvelous!

With one daughter ready to transition out of her first job (4 years) and move closer to home and the other two having just graduated college, I'm hearing a lot of interesting things lately. I really SHOULD keep a list!

Miriam Rogers

I am visiting today and was so pleased to see this from you. I miss blogging on a regular basis but its just too much for me, still! Im sorry to hear abut the struggles with your dads dementia. I wish I was near by to help you out. Ive been back in hospital with a gall bladder infection! so Im on rest and quiet this week. Thinking of you a lot. X

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