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Wednesday, 27 April 2016


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Oh how I love your clean and elegant style. The weather in the Chicago area is just as crazy as yours is. The weekend was beautiful if warm 83 degrees F (28.3C) and now we're bundling up in winter coats because it's so cold (3.3C).


Oh it's good to see you playing with paper, punches and a bit of floss, and hearing about what you are up to these days. I am hoping and praying your shoulder heals completely. Sorry if it is not as quickly as you like. Try to take the long view, just think in 10 or 12 weeks, you'll probably be so good you'll not realize how much time has passed in the grand scheme of things. Take good care.


So happy to see your post pop into my Feedly, but so sorry to read that you've had yet again another surgery on your shoulder. We had frost on the lawn and the cars this morning; more forecast for tomorrow. I put away my winter sweaters before we left for Chicago, thinking when we got home in early April, it would be spring. Not. so. much. Hoping your recovery goes quickly, and thinking of both you and your dad.


Another gorgeous and stunning, graphic and clean layout Alexa. The stitching is a great addition. How frustrating for you to still be plagued by your shoulder injury :( Hope the treatment for it is working. And hopefully the weather is also improving this morning for you. I'm typing this with sunlight streaming through the window and blue skies. If it's not there already, let's hope it's on the way :D P xx


What a beautiful page! I get scrapbook envy when I see your layouts :)

We had one afternoon in Corfu, from a cruise ship, once, and it wasn't nearly enough. I'd love to go back.

Sending love from everyone here..


Oh dear, hefty painkillers don't sound good. Is it your shoulder still? I hadn't realized you'd done it it's been so long since I visited here and you are so kind to visit and leave me a comment.
Whatever it is I hope you're feeling better soon.


So happy to see a new post Alexa and I adore the Midori size layout! Does this actually get added to a Midori book then? Sorry to hear the shoulder is still giving you trouble - hopefully the latest surgery will do the trick? Wishing you all the best!!!


Hi Alexa! Hope the shoulder is on a rapid mend cycle and that you're not too uncomfy. Love this post and reread your Life Mapped post from a year ago... lots of good ideas packed in there...I'll share more soon. Also, on my way tomorrow to get the book - from the library!
Good to "see" you!



yay! a post from you is always welcome in my feed reader - and even better when there's crafty stitching and a good update. Hope summer (or at least spring?!?) finds you soon!


What a beautiful hybrid page ... I hope to see more! Do hope your shoulder is feeling much better and your dear old dad much less confused, if at all possible.

Missus Wookie

The Twelve Week Year is on my list to read (recommended by Jennifer where I presume you also got the title) - I'd like a review if you have time.

My shoulder has been acting up so I've been thinking of you.

Melissa Gross

Sending prayers for continued healing & strength for helping your dad, too!


Oh Alexa!.....sorry it's been so long since I 'visited' and sorry to hear you've had to have shoulder surgery. Do take it easy and don't try to rush things- it isn't worth it...lovely page! Xx


A clever photo to go with your journaling - perfect combo. Very sorry to hear about the surgery on your shoulder - ouch. Sending lots of positive energy for a full & quick recovery.

The Durrells - is this the writer Gerald Durrell that lived in Corfu with his crazy family & then became a zoo owner in England? I read his book My Family & Other Animals - loved it.

alexandra sirugue-macleod

Hello there, like Karen, so happy you posted Alexa!
I love your Midori layout. It's a great format indeed. I've always found it less intimidating and quite inviting.
I love the way you have constructed your page, the half photo which makes perfect sense, the details...
It's beautiful and meaningful at the same time. I truly hope you plan on continuing...

Jen Hart

I'm sorry to hear you have had an operation but glad to hear you are on the recovery side of it. Great page :-)

Miriam Rogers

I'm so happy to see this today Alexa. I am or was in need of a good shake up. I am tired of feeling poorly, in pain, miserable and completely fed up. I actually shouted at myself this morning and told myself to get a grip! Poor dog looked so hurt, it's not her fault. Your 'feeling' and 'thinking' have made a difference to me. Thank you. x

Fiona@Staring at the Sea

What a lovely page. We've been watching The Durrells too. How I loved My Family and Other Animals as a teenager and longed for a Greek adventure. I'm very late in visiting and hoping that things are less unmanageable a couple of weeks on.


Lovely page, I love how you mixed up all the hybrid elements and some stitching!! Have been in a scrappy desert myself...hope things are going well and you are recovering nicely. p.s. I would love to just dump the seed packets and have done with it!


This is so gorgeous. I am so glad to have taken the time to stop by and catch up again. It's good to "see" you again, friend.

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