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Tuesday, 15 March 2016


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Lovely layout of snow (did I just say snow is lovely?); it is very clean & pretty when freshly fallen. I like your photos of your doing your physio therapy workout - good for you. Cheers to just jumping back into crafting :)

Karen C

well hello again. Nice to see you. I love the idea of the bubble wrap popping in the dentist's chair but so sorry you have been through so much pain. Hope you are healing well.


The bubble wrap comment made me smile!

Karen Walker

Always such a pleasure to see your lovely pages! It's been quite a battle you've fought, but glad you are feeling well enough to craft again; we've missed you1


Excellent idea to just press send and not feel overwhelmed by a backlog of crafting :) I always love to see your beautiful layouts. Good on you for having the discipline with your physio. It doesn't look like it's easy. And I know what you mean about the surprise of snow. Last Friday Nick & I went for a short stroll on the Alderley Edge and sat in the sun with blue skies and beautiful panoramic views, eating our picnic and laughing that it was exactly a week ago, we'd have been trudging through snow! Hope more layouts are to come. P xx


It's lovely to see you :) Your beautiful words and pictures always light up my blog reading


I love your snowy page. Sorry to hear that you have been in so much pain - hopefully you'll soon be pain free and back to full health x


It's nice to see you here again! good luck with the physio - and sending some warm sunshine-y wishes your way. We've had more than our share lately, and clearly y'all need it now!!

Cheri Andrews

So good to see you here again Alexa! I've never broken anything and can't imagine what that pain is like, but I've been through enough other "stuff" and the accompanying physical therapy to know full well that it is no picnic. Stick with it - it will eventually get better and I'm sending you armloads of gentle hugs and healing thoughts!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

So nice to see you pop up in my reader, Alexa. I can really sympathize with your shoulder injury and the pain of physical therapy. Keep at it! It does get easier/better with time. Take lots of slow, deep breaths as you work through the pain! It will help you relax and heal quicker/better. xo


I laughed outloud at your bubble wrap fix to protect that shoulder! Brilliant! I know how you feel about apossible setback. Keep the faith and I'll keep you in my prayers. Love your pages and your resolve!


My good ness Alexa, you did get the snow! We had it coming down thick and fast but it didn't settle. Glad you managed to get out and about safely (the bubble wrap was an inspired addition to your winter attire!) and good luck with the physio. Lovely to see you back x

Missus Wookie

So nice to see this appear in my Simple Scrappers Notifications and then in my reader. Glad you feel up to scrapping. I pulled out my bands and have been favouring my arm/shoulder after packing/sorting/purging etc. Hope the pain is better and you are feeling back to normal - whatever that is ;)

Jacky S

Love your snowy pictures....but pleased we have had none here!

alexandra s.m.

Hi Alexa,

It is so nice to be able to admire a new entry in your PL.
They are both beautifully composed.
I am so sorry you are experiencing pain, you do put a brave face on.
I'm glad your humour is intact too!

Take Care~


Lovely to see you back and a wonderful spread of photos.


Well now, I noticed there was nothing but nicely crafted word craft, before you even got to that word. It's always a pleasure to read and see what you are up to, but even I grimaced a little when hearing about your shoulder. Keep up the physio and soon that will be a distance memory. Wishing you more sunshine and colorful days in the meantime.

Melissa Gross

Oh my, that's a lot of white! It's definitely blue skies and sunshine around here - spring has arrived.

Beverly Edwards

So sorry that this healing process is so long but so proud of you keeping up with the therapy. I stopped too soon with my knees and have paid the price :( Love the snow layout but am so glad that spring is bursting forth!

Miriam Rogers

Hello Alexa, long time no visit and for that I am sorry. I have missed you. Today I am a lot of pain with my wisdom tooth which has to come out on Saturday so I am empathising with you here struggling with pain.
The snow didn't reach us thank goodness, although I have to say it is so beautiful to look at. I was overjoyed when it snowed in North Wales where I was last week. Of course everyone who doesn't have a camera welded to their side thought I had gone out of my mind. Your page, as always is fabulous.

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