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Monday, 21 March 2016


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What a nice one.

You've made me want to sit here quietly for a little minute and think about all the amazing women in our pasts. My Mum always says that there were women in our family and the only things they couldn't do were "Make mice and change the weather". I don't know where that comes from; but I do know that I'm thinking there are plenty of examples of the same in your family.

Wishing you strength and good cheer in the week ahead.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea

Oh, this is lovely Alexa. I have those pangs, usually when I am sewing, thinking of how much more I could have learnt from my Gran, if only I'd asked.


Sounds like you shared a poignant moment together. A lovely tale of three generations of women in one family. P xx


A lovely post today Alexa. It certainly has so many of us thinking of the Grans & Mothers that have passed. I did not know about the pin in a tulip stem - next time I get a bunch I will have to try.


What a beautiful post! I did know about the pins and tulips tip, but am now wondering what else I might have neglected to learn from my mum when I had the chance.


Oh Alexa you will never know how much this made me smile. I once went to my parents house and saw a vase of tulips, each one had a pin through the stem. Mum had read about this tip but hadn't realised you just pricked the stems, she had left the pins in!


now I remember what we did before we had Google Gospel ... we asked our mothers (and fathers and grandmothers...) what a great reminder...and a wonderful tip!


A lovely post, indeed. My mother died when I was young enough that I didn't even think to ask those kinds of questions. How I wish I could have asked for advice on so many things. And you have taught me something new today. I'll be sure to try it next time I have some tulips. Who knew?


Who knew you could pin tulips? Beautifully written x


Aww, what a lovely conversation and bit of silence too.


Oh, Alexa. So beautifully written. I shed a tear. (Can't believe it's been nearly four years). Your words are so, so poignant.

Melissa Gross

What a lovely story that shares a special moment between the two of you and beautiful memories, too!

Beverly Edwards

thanks so much for the chuckle, Deb!

Beverly Edwards

Such a beautiful moment of remembering and sharing and yearning. I've never heard this tip but will certainly try it, wonder if it will work on Gerbera daisies as well.

Cheri Andrews

A very poignant story with a beautiful tip as well. I'm wondering if the piercing trick would work with other flowers as well?

alexandra sirugue-macleod

What a lovely and poignant post Alexa.
Thank you for making me pause and reflect about the dear women in my life!

Missus Wookie

Lovely moment and I think that we always wish we'd learned more and spent more time with our loved ones.

Glad you were able to do that together.


Hi Alexa, so lovely of you to visit my blog and comment on both my new posts, despite my long absence - thank you! XX

This is a great post and a great story too. All about sharing and learning... and love.
Makes me remember certain special people too.

And a new tip about tulips. I'll try that!


Oh how lovely Alexa, what a tribute to your Mum.


Thank you for giving us all a few moments to pause, reflect, rejoice and remember. Such a lovely gift and glorious tribute...and yes, I know how you feel. Blessings, friend.

Miriam Rogers

Beautiful, simply beautiful. The words you have on your mothers headstone sent shivers down my spine.

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