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Thursday, 07 January 2016


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Deb @ PaperTurtle

Even your simplest of posts are so eloquently presented, Alexa! LOVE the photo you have used with your word displayed so clearly. I know all too well the frustrations of a healing shoulder, bless you. Be patient with the process...it will come! I hope all other areas of your life are wonderful. Happy New Year, dear one. xo


happiness in a bow! oh my did that line make me smile! Alexa, I admire the grace with which you've handled ALL of this... wishing you an easier January!

Karen Walker

Along with all your other fine qualities, patience and persistence are present as well. I'm not sure I'd be handling all this with such grace! I love that still life! (Pinning it for inspiration!)


I missed the previous couple of blogposts and wondered why you had to sit to tie your shoelace. I do hope you are recovering-being nosey, I read back.recovery is the word for 2016.


I adore that photo.
I could stare at it for a long, long time.
And wonderful words to contemplate as well.


That is such a professional photo, absolutely beautiful.
I'm so pleased there has been some progress in your healing, these things always take longer than we want them to, but you're moving in the right direction!


I've been remiss in my blog reading and hadn't realised you'd been incapacitated. I do wish you a speedy recovery. The post is beautiful though with wise words to mull over and I love the photo too - such a great composition.


I hope the new year will continue to show you improvements x

Julie Kirk

Happiness in a bow? That's either the name of another blog you could write ... or a book.

[And if all else fails there's a one-armed vignette-creating 'How To' to fall back on!]

Wonderful to hear of your progress. Slowly slowly, getting it right first time, a glacier carving out a valley. x


beautiful image and wise words - hope your pain is limited and tolerance strengthened as your shoulder mends


What a gorgeous picture. Yes: I think small is very good. Lots of little steps can be much better than one big leap.


As always, no matter what you have to say, you say it so eloquently! Very wise words. You really should write a book (well, once you have two functional arms again maybe). ADORE the still life you've created!


Just read back. I too missed the post about your shoulder. Hope you are on the mend. Sounds like you've had a Christmas to remember (or forget). And still you manage to create a beautiful post. Sending a very gentle cyber hug to ya. P xx


I've been away from all blogs for a bit. So sorry to hear you are in one-arm world. But happy to hear you are doing better. They say slow and steady wins the race so I think you are on the right path with your advice in this post. Hope you are in Two-arm world soon and back to creating soon.


I was very sorry to hear about your injury, but sounds like it is healing. I hope you enjoy a speedy recovery from here and take the time to rest up when required.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea

What a beautiful still life you've created, Alexa. Baby steps are definitely the way ahead.

Jacky S

One step at a time.....and you'll get there.


There is such poetry and wisdom in this post...and your life. I commend you and am in awe for how you are coping with this momentary - tho' I know it may not be so at the moment - disruption of the normal flow of things. All of the above readers have said what I think. I wish you every ounce of admiration I have. Carry on!


Oh honey - OUCH! Pain is something I know about, and it is indeed tiring so you must be very gentle on yourself. Do what you can and let the rest go .... find new things you CAN do, and keep taking your beautiful, atmospheric photos.

Miriam Rogers

Hello Alexa, Catching up with you today at last. Its been so long but this rainy dark afternoon has been a joy for me because I read your posts back to September. I have missed you but think of you often. Thank you for all your comments on my recent posts and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see you posting to Instagram. I love your advice for coping while healing! It is the hardest thing! Im glad to hear that your sling is off at home, its a step in the right direction but not to fast mind!

Melissa Gross

What lovely thoughts and observations to begin the year. And that photo is absolutely gorgeous to showcase the word! Wishing you continued good healing!


so good to hear you are slowly on the mend. I loved seeing your photo on Instagram today x


You have painted me a lovely thoughtful picture ... we do need to be kinder to ourselves & patient with healing. I smiled broadly when I read you were cautiously out of your sling - small steps can be the biggest victories. I shall ponder your word of strengthen.


Glad to see you are taking it slowly and being kind to yourself xx

Missus Wookie

Gorgeous photo and words - I remember the joy of being able to do up my own shoelaces last year, so smiled at your comment.


I love your photo! Hope your recovery is quick and that you are soon back to full capacity x


Words of wisdom thank you, my favorite is about being pulled forward! And, your photo is lovely, just beautiful. I want to a) be in that space b) frame that photo! So glad you are on the mend.

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