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Monday, 11 January 2016


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What lovely pictures! I bet he loves them and you are left with an uneasy feeling that they just aren't quite the same. I feel like that when I see an updated version of a cartoon I enjoyed as a child.

Have a good week Alexa

Fiona@Staring at the Sea

What a gorgeous little man he is. My brother and I loved the Mr Men books, as did my children and then they were passed on, by them, to my Godson.


Lovely candid photo of your little person. I am not familiar with Mr Men books, this could also be something new to me ... I see no end in sight, good marketing Men will ensure Mr Men find their way to the awaiting generation.


Lovely photos! I had no idea there were new Mr Men books! Hope everyone is enjoying them!


So pleased to see that the old faithful book series are still going strong!


ahh yes...we have Mr Men books here too. lovely to see a little one enjoying them x

Melissa Gross

Oh yes, a great marketing idea!


Still cashing in on a good thing! Your little one is definitely enjoying himself!

Karen Walker

What a lovely photo, and a strong family resemblance! These are unfamiliar books to me, so I've definitely learned something new.


I love the photos! but must admit the books are completely new to me. Happy Monday!


I remember enjoying reading them to my nephews, good to see they are still going strong


I remember too having all the first set of books. It was my job to read them to the cubs on a Thursday night. I have a soft spot for these guys lol. Great photos. P xx

Julie Kirk

I used to love those books. There was always a disconnect for me that the outside world used to call me quiet ... but at home I was called Little Miss Chatterbox!

Lovely photos Alexa, wishing you another healing week ahead.

Jacky S

My kids loved those books.

Missus Wookie

Hope you are feeling better - what a lovely photo set too.


What great snaps - I love how intently he is looking at the Mr. Worry book. Hand him that Mr. Happy mug now.


Oh really? When my two were reading them they'd cottoned on to creating a load of new ones! Always a good read though with a good moral story :)


Love the pops of yellow in your photos. How fun! Hope you are recuperating nicely!


Your photographs never fail to make me smile :)

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