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Tuesday, 19 January 2016


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That last goodbye makes me SO happy for you!!!


Your last bit about this week's task brought back memories of a frozen shoulder many years ago. It took a couple months of therapy before I could put my arm behind my back or raise it very high. Still can't raise it as high as the other one. Hope your therapy works more quickly---although you've already had a long go at it! Good to see you back, and glad you've had a good visit with family.


Glad to hear you're out of your sling :) The thank you tag makes me think you've been reading the popular decluttering book which advises you to thank your clothes before giving them away lol. Love the photo of the rose, the pin sharp focus is stunning. P xx


So pleased to see that you no longer need to accessorise every outfit with that rather fetching sling! Keep up the good work - and keep waving!

Melissa Gross

Yippee for getting the sling off - hope your range of motion returns quickly!


Hurray! I hope you get the proper feeling back to your arm very quickly..keep up the exercises :) (Not that you wouldn't: you sound like a model patient!). I love your softly pink pictures


So very glad to hear that the sling has been tucked away. What a wonderful find that frozen hedgerow rose was - great shot. As I work at a physio clinic, I will encourage you to keep at it - not that you wouldn't - but we often see so many of our patients give up too soon & it makes me sad; recovery sometimes feels like a (painful)full time job.


must feel so good to have the sling off - fabulous rose capture

Linda Hoye

Such pretty-in-pink photos! And, oh my, that rose. Lovely. Thank you for stopping by my blog! :-)


Glad to hear the sling is up....keep up the good work with the physio! xx


What great news that your arm is once free again. Sounds like you are making good progress. I love the sweet note you have added to it. Speedy recovery x


Glad you were holding on tightly, so that the sling can stay retired. You've given it a lovely send-off!


That rose is just beautiful.


So glad to hear you can finally wave good bye to your sling. Good luck with the rest of your recovery ... and isn't it lovely to find a lovely out of season rose still holding on.


So glad that you are feeling better! Waving hello back to you.


And HELLO to you from waaaay-over here, across the pond, in blizzard bound Wash DC! Sooo glad you're on the up-n-up and mend. I know very well the feeling of being almost "normal" again after I got rid of my cast on my right/write hand in 2013. What a relief!
Take care and take it slowly...


Lorraine Elizabeth York

Love the photography! I especially like the chocolate picture. Let us know how the chocolate turns out. It sounds yummy.

Missus Wookie

Oh hurrah for putting the sling away - hoping that shoulder height movement comes smoothly and pain free.


I love that you wrote a note to your sling ... Happy Mail indeed! And I do hope that your shoulder is continuing to mend well.

Julie @ HappinessSavouredHot

Lovely photos! And thank you for reminding me of the importance of simple things we take for granted... like waving goodbye!


The rose picture is simply PERFECT, and what a lovely survivor .... hopefully soon you'll be saying hello to all kinds of green shoots. So pleased that your sling is no longer needed. You've made me think about hellos and goodbyes in my own life, so am off to find some!


Oh Alexa it has been so incredibly long since I've popped in. That rose picture is sublime. I'm sorry you and the sling had to unite at all, good luck with the physio, I know that can be a painful endeavor (I am one!) but look forward to your wave!

Linda Hoye

Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting, Alexa. I love these images--the rose is beautiful. Dark 70% chocolate is an acquired taste--one I have acquired to the point that I have forbidden my hubby from bringing any into the house. Well...at least until the next time I have a mad craving for some. :-)

alexandra sirugue-macleod

Waving a cheerful hello to you from Chicago and thanks to Sian ;)
I've enjoyed your posts and your photography and as a PLer, I really enjoy your hybrid scrapbooking!
Thank You~

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