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Friday, 06 November 2015


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what a glorious way to say "goodbye" to fall! the scenery and memories you've captured in these pages are wonderful. thank you for sharing them with us!

Esther A

How glorious indeed. The quaint stone cottages and colorful autumn display seem quite foreign to us - partly because it is spring, but also because we have mostly evergreen eucalypt trees all around with just a smattering of plane trees or ornamental plums as street trees. I do love how clean your templates look.


What beautiful photos to mark the end of the season.


I always enjoy reading your journaling, and was happy to see and hear that your dad is feeling well enough to be out and about. But your photography just jumped out at me the moment I clicked on your blog. Gorgeous photos in both layouts, but the colors in the second one are simply stunning!


October was really lovely - those pages are proof positive.


Your photos are so beautiful. Of course my eye was drawn to that fine figure in his new scarf. He looks very smart and I hope wrapping his gift round his neck has been giving him a lift these mornings he has had to be "up and out"


Your Fall photos are beautiful! I love how they look together in that second spread.


Gorgeous photos, especially the ones from reservoir valley - that would be a place I would enjoy walking through & back again and as always your layouts are fantastic.


I know what you mean about a place needing to be walked twice - for the photos and for the experience.


Such beautiful Autumn colour and another lovely walk. You have certainly sucked in the joy of Autumn from October :)


Ahhhh I would love to have James' afternoon view on a daily basis. Your dad is looking quite dapper. I'm glad ya'll had an enjoyable outing and that he was comfortable with you and Tom scuttling away for nature time together.


beautiful photos, I love the autumn


Wow such glorious photos! It truly is a fantastic time to go out in the Peak (or at least it was last week - we did the same and came home with similar shots to yours, of golden trees and leaves). Love there idea of going out into it twice lol P xx

Melissa Gross

A beautiful look at your October & all those lovely fall colors. That photo of your dad with the scarf is really great, too!

Julie Kirk

So lovely to share your autumn with you. It's so personal - like catching up with someone one-to-one!

And you know ... in this Instagram/blogging age I bet that someone's come up with a name for that;the feeling you need to give an activity 2 goes - one for photos and one for absorbing!


Wow! Truly glorious photos! So glad you've been able to enjoy the spectacular autumn colour this year!


Hi Alexa, i'm catching up on your lovely photo layouts. they truly are inspiring. A super way to say goodbye to autumn x


What gorgeous photos! I especially like the one with your feet buried in leaves - very creative!


Alexa, what a lovely part of England you live in! The photos are beautiful - and I particularly like that one of you on the footbridge, with all the lovely trees and golden leaves around you. Great photo of James too - definitely a "keeper"!
I was reading about your dad and I hope he is coping alright - you too!
The weather has certainly not been so sunny and nice this past week. Today we had a morning of sunshine and I took the opportunity of washing some bedlinen and putting it on the line - but came home from my mum's to find it in the tumble dryer, as Dave thought it was about to rain (it still hasn't, but it's been threatening for over an hour now). I hope we will all have a bit more sunshine soon - it's very cheering and lifts the spirits - so that you can get outside again in your wonderful countryside. x


So gorgeous. Glad you could get out to enjoy such a lovely landscape ... and get in the photos.


Beautiful photos, eloquent words. Love that your Dad looked so happy in his scarf.


Another post I have read and can not see my comment. I can only conclude that I read on my mobile and meant to revisit on the computer to leave a comment as I find that so much easier. I need to bare this in mind as I thought I was up to date with blog visits!
It seems so long ago now, but I enjoyed looking at the autumn leaves again, a reminder that they are so beautiful and hold their colour-glory for such a short time. Beautiful photos and so well written as always.

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