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Wednesday, 11 November 2015


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Another stunningly beautiful page. Once again, your talent has me in awe. Love the sepia effect which runs throughout and ties the whole page together. Great to see you posting more often too. Now if only I could kick myself into gear too. Never mind, when your quality blog has so much to share and keep me inspired :) P xx


This is beautiful. Love the monochrome colour scheme. A great way to get so many photos on a page. Lovely.


This is gorgeous. You are a master of white space Alexa! And I agree that December in numbers could be quite interesting... number of cookies consumed...


Great page; and thanks for the thoughts about December Daily. I'm already thinking about mine, and I'm terrible about keeping track of numbers but maybe if I, too, make a list, I can join in next month.

Esther A

This is so striking with that subtle sepia monochrome. I love the vertical strip of journaling. Isn't it funny to read a long piece of writing with numerals in it after having been told for eons that they should be spelt out when in a paragraph. Rules are meant to be broken. You even got to use a fraction. What fun!


What a great choice. Something (something? everything!) about the subdued colours looks absolutely right

Julie Kirk

I think the sepia works to put the events into their place in the past. A glimpse into near-history!

What I so often find to love about reading people's Months in Numbers is how - because they often touch on the entirety of the month [rather than a specific project/event to blog about] there's something really intimate about it. In the details, the day-in-day-out-ness, it's like spending the whole month with them in fast-forward!

I've popped you on the board with the rest of us now: https://uk.pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Thank you for joining me once again. x


I love the combination of black and white and sepia - very striking!


You make scrapbooking look easy, but I know it takes a lot of time and talent! What a full month - I love how positively you reflect on the care taking challenges and how delicious that spinach banana (???!!!) smoothie sounds!


WOW, you are amazing in your skill of creating wonderful pages, turning a word into a feeling.


Wot no colour! But it looks gorgeous, I love the tranquility of it! Interesting to read about your month. ((HUGS)) to your Dad, hope his treatment is successful.

Honore Francois

I am always impressed by your digi layouts: the lines are so clean but the content is what wins me over! I think this one is by far my fave. I am planning to do MIN at the end of this month and rest assured, I'll be referring to this…mine will necessarily be paper and glue type…but in time, I'll do a digi one…

Graffiti always drives me nuts…I really wish someone would tell me: When do they do it? 'cause it's always/most times so elaborate. My mother used to tell me "Remember the cave man…" when I'd complain; guess she had something there.

I am definitely going to try the smoothie…sounds delish…and your schedule left you wide open for a cold. Trust you're feeling better and that Dad's tests are fini for a while.



i just love this prompt and I love what you did with it. What a fun way to keep memories.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea

It's perfect Alexa, truly. You're right about MIN making a great addition to a December Daily. I'll give it some thought as I prepare my foundation pages.


Oh I like this. I may have to consider doing this in 2016.

Jacky S

Love this wintery colour scheme....and your line of photos.


Beautiful, Alexa.


Beautiful page and I love them writing bureau.

Jen Hart

Beautiful. And a great idea to use for December Daily, it is my first. I have done Journal Your Christmas for years and fancied a change. I will probably do much the same as usual but I am loving the new inspirations, especially from the Facebook group.


I am sure I read and commented on this post, but as I can not see it I am admiring of this clean looking page and beautiful photos. The trips to the hospital with your Dad sound very challenging, both for you driving and getting him there, and him for the treatment and physical effort involved. I feel for you both and hope some progress is being made. Lovely month in numbers, and will be lovely to read these in years to come. I hope you are feeling fully recovered by now. The smoothie does sound unappealing and it's good it tastes so much better!

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