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Monday, 16 November 2015


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Melissa Gross

Oh goodness, that weather sounds terribly dreary! Hope you have a great week!


I wonder does Uncle Dave have a copy of that book? He has a collection (including Winnie The Pooh in Ulster Scots) which he uses in some of his classes. I'm sure we would have had great fun going through that one with you!

That misty morning might have been miserable, but it certainly photographs well (though I suspect that's the photographer and not the mist..)

Wishing you a good week


The upside to rainy days is indeed the walks in the countryside. Fewer people means more enjoyment of the peace and quiet. Had to laugh at your wrestling with bed covers. It'll come as no surprise to you that I never bother ironing mine. Same with socks. I'd prefer to spend the time perusing recipe books instead :D Hope you're keeping warm and dry as the next weather stream hits us. P xxx

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Your blogs posts are just so delightful, Alexa. I love your collages and beautiful photos, and your narrative made me smile several times. Thanks for that. :o) I hope you are having a great week so far! xo


So how much of that 20 years of hoarding went back in the drawer?!
Hope your week is less blustery and less wet than your weekend was.


Alexa you can join us in Canada, as Stir Up Sunday isn't (for us) until Sunday November 22nd - I've all the supplies in, so please join me. I like your Saturday/Sunday title in the middle of each page. Your Saturday photos are lovely with that moody rainy feel - which is quite nice sometimes :)

Fiona@Staring at the Sea

Oh Alexa, your Saturday photo collage is just beautiful and I love the one of you perusing the recipe book. "Dreich" is a word often used by my two friends living in Scotland. Have a great week.


You manage to make even a dreich (new word for me) day beautiful in your photographs! And once again, I'm in awe of the digital presentation of your photographs. I know HOW to do it, but it's so slow for me, I just don't try. Sad, really.

Jacky S

That awful weather makes good photos though!!


Lovely photos Alexa! I am deliberately missing 'Stir up Sunday ' again this year. Since being diagnosed with diabetes 18 months ago, I have no desire to do the Christmas baking:( Luckily one of my very good friends makes a large cake and gives me half! Ah! Mr Men books, bring back memories! LOL at the lack of positive female images!


Your Saturday photos so beautifully capture that wet, misty, overcast, miserable feeling! Glad your Sunday was better - hope the sort through that twenty years of stuff yielded lots for the donate/trash pile. What is stir up Sunday???


Brilliant, just brilliant. I so know what you mean about the "Got it " message. it is driving me mad. I thought it was just our computer so it is a little relief to find others are experiencing it too.
I love the idea of you trying to find good female role models in the Nick Hargreaves books-excellent.

Jen Hart

Your photos make the dreich weather look beautiful, which of course it is, I love it all.
Well done for trying to promote the positive female role models, it is on my mind a lot recently.
Poor world having such individuals in it that can affect so many. Let us hope that we are representative of the majority with our positive attitudes and empathy, it helps me to believe that we are.
I hope the pudding ends up with good atein in it :-)

Missus Wookie

Hah - you realised you'd not missed the pudding stir up - that's on the list for this week. We had a nearly 3 year old here all afternoon with his Mum and I didn't think that was a good combination. Hope you got them made :)

Positive female role models can be amazingly hard to find - glad you were looking and hope you found some.


What a bright side to a dreary weekend you've painted and shared with us...love the adjectives and the Sunday photo collage. Did Himself get the drawer all cleared out?



That's a lovely photo of you Alexa...hope it's a bit less dreich now! xx


love that you got yourself into the photos! and teaching me dreich - much of our winter could be described just like that!


Your dreich photos are beautiful Alexa, very atmospheric and appealing (especially from indoors, in the warm and dry!) A lovely word by the way, it describes the weather well lately.
How frustrating about the internet ordering. Technology can be such a blessing and such a trial at other times.

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