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Friday, 30 October 2015


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Lovely post, Alexa. Quite good reading - appropriately so. But I almost wish I hadn't seen this, as I too have had this meme post stewing for quite a while and my pictures don't measure up to your very artistic display.


I'm interested to read that you can find your place easily, because I have realised that is what I try to do more often than use a marker of any kind. The older I get, though, the more I find myself reading a few sentences and then realising I'd read that bit last night.

No Enid Blyton? Maybe the writing isn't up to much; but even the notion of going to Boarding School always fuelled my imagination

A super read on a beautiful page


I love this so much!! I recorded my reading habits via my blog, but now I'm definitely going to print it out and scrapbook my own reading habits. Great idea and fabulous layout.

Julie Kirk

Beautiful page Alexa. you describe your cosy sunny reading spots so clearly, and evocatively, that it's made me feel like I'm cheating myself of a similarly delightful experience.

J and I have chatted about redesigning one of our rooms so we can have a pair of cost armchairs overlooking the garden in a cosy reading corner ... and we've not done anything about it yet!

And what a wonderful tradition your parents created around reading and pleasure and comfort. I can entirely understand the efforts you continue to make to take your Dad to tearooms and book shops! xx


What a lovely post, Alexa. I am surrounded by books and like you I have several to hand at any one time. I love how you follow the sun round (I'd have trouble with that today - it's forgotten to put in an appearance) and all the difference places that you sit to read. It sounds blissful, especially your Mum's chair by the log burner. At least that is one thing to look forward to on winter days.
I love the tradition of Friday afternoon in your house. I have always been such an avid reader and already read to my children when they were small. They also had shelves full and did read, but neither of them developed my love of reading, sadly. My son because he is too busy with work but my daughter has recently discovered a set of books she is enjoying, I hope it might lead to others. Luckily my middle grand daughter devours books. It's a lovely idea this, recording your reading habits. I'll make a note of it for my own blog one day. I've enjoyed reading your own love of books and now want to find my latest book and curl up with it - with a nice cup of tea of course!


I love that idea of a reading tea, I felt like I was right there with a scone and a cup of tea. When I was little, our school had an open fire (I know, can you imagine that nowadays? Oh dear Health & Safety would have a field day! Yet no one ever got burnt!) and we would have story time at the end of the day sitting on the floor by the fire. My first encounter with Paddington Bear was in that location. No Enid Blyton? Oh how I loved the Malory Towers series - I was desperate to go to boarding school reading them, but I'm sure reality would never have been as much fun as Enid's imagination.
I can't believe you used to eat books - that's the best book related confession I've heard!


Beautiful page and a fascinating read into, well, into what and how you read :) Tickled me that you don't like suspense. I'm the complete opposite. Love that sensation haha. And with your Kindle, it's a good job you've stopped chewing the corners. I am, however, incredibly impressed that you don't need a bookmark and can find your space. I'd be lost without one. It'd probably take me half an hour before realising I'd already read that bit etc :D P xx


Another lovely post & what a fantastic page. I like the long photo on each side of your layout. Eat books?! That's a real hunger for knowledge. I wonder if you thought that you could ingest the story quicker. I think every room in our house is geared to reading. I would hate to do inventory of all the books in spite of being an active library member.... now for that cup of tea & a page or two before lunch :)


Fantastic post Alexa! I love the layout with the split photo and messy masking. Like you I have several favorite reading spots and it is definitely one of the joys of winter! I've had this meme in the back of my mind as well and have several book-related digi kits waiting for me to pay them some attention. So hopefully this one is coming to my blog soon!


I enjoyed every word of this post; being an avid reader, I am always interested in others' reading habits. I, too, have several going at a time, but must use a bookmark to keep my place. I started purchasing inexpensive ones at the national parks we visited, so now I get a lovely reminder of vacation when I open up the book. Love, too, your page design. Every time I see what you can do digitally, I think I need to boost "learn more digital skills" to the top of my list!


Lovely post Alexa! I too love your pages, especially the photo! Interesting to read about your family tradition of Friday teatime reading. It sounds so cosy and lovely! I am also in awe of you not needing bookmarks! I tend to read books only in bed, so my answers to these questions would be quite boring.


Oh Alexa, I popped across and what a delight to find this post. Am reading from my phone and the screen is too tiny to do justice to your beautiful pages so am saving them to read properly over the weekend from my laptop. Have a lovely weekend. Back soon!


reading tea sounds wonderful for kids and adults alike. Love how you blended the photo on either side of the text


Those Friday afternoons sound heavenly. I really enjoyed reading this, thanks for the lovely post.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Wonderful post - and what a lovely bookcase full! A house without books has no heart in my opinion!

Melissa Gross

What a great read & a fantastic page you've created with that bookshelf photo along the edges! I'm impressed that you don't need a bookmark. I have one in every book I'm reading, which is usually three or four or five! :) Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Jen Hart

I loved, loved, loved, reading your reading history and loves. It makes me wish I could go back in time and instill the friday night ritual in my own childhood and my kids childhoods!


what a great view into your reading life - thank you so much for sharing. I LOVE the pages you created - they look like they're from a magazine, and before I clicked through to enlarge the image, I wondered how that magazine article was going to tell us about YOUR reading life ;-) The Friday afternoon reading tea sounds lovely. what a wonderful memory - and a beautiful reading legacy.


I love your pages Alexa and this one takes top prize. I'm reading this post on my iPad and it just doesn't do the layout justice...so, I'll definitely take a long look on my Mac. So, look for another comment from me...TBC.


I loved reading this Alexa and the layout looks superb! Ok, I would love to know how you can find your way back to where you were without the aid of a bookmark - I sure need one. Some of those places you read souind so nice and cozy! I think I'll bookmark this post to come back and read again and again. I'm sure I've missed things in it on the first reading.

Missus Wookie

What a lovely page and the torn notebook edge is perfect here. Always good to read about the habits of another bibliophile :)

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