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Sunday, 25 October 2015


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How do you manage to fit so much into your layouts? Fabulous stories and great pictures. I don't have photo indigestion rather a great gaping emptiness where there should be photos but aren't. I am at the end of my hoard and need more. Perhaps I should relieve you of your pain and borrow some of your stack.


I need to do a big photo printing soon!
Lovely colors in your oux

Karen Walker

I have pages laying on my desk waiting for me to get home to finish from our big trip in July. Then August and September. And now with a week with Sarah and family, many photos for October! I LOVE your layouts, and enjoying reading all about your daily treats and adventures, the quiet times and the celebrations. I hope your dad continues to do well with the treatments.

Julie Kirk

Such a wonderful set of pages, so authentically you, and so professional. What a great document of all your lives.

Your sore throat and sneezing sounds all to familiar ... I'm at 7 days and counting of my own! So, unlike your build up of beautiful shots, I've got a dearth of photos [I haven't taken any of the bed/sofa which is where I've spent the last week. Although maybe I should!]

Wishing you more time to enjoy your beloved views. Hope you're feeling better.


No< I'm definitely not counting the number of weeks til Christmas. Your pages are as perfect as ever! There are coughs and sneezes here too..maybe that's why we're all a bit quiet at the moment. Sending warm wishes your way


Im impressed that you're still keeping up with your pages. I have a ton of photos, even more if I count Nick's and they are sat in folders on my computer. Sounds like October was a busy month. Where do you get your energy? Love the Kale & Apple Salad. P xx


Gosh, so much I could say about those photos and pages Alexa! But in brief, I love the layout, your 3 columns really fits well with this style of writing and I like the variety of size.
Life certainly has been busy for you all, and I'm glad you have taken some time out for you, though I imagine it is short lived. Good idea to record the water so that you can take yourself back there in your mind.
I hope your dad's treatment is progressing well and I'm glad there have been some celebrations and light heartedness along the way. Love the upside down signs. Was it intentional I wonder?! It caused a laugh, whatever!
As for the photos to sort. I'm not even going to think about answering that, let alone go there!! That is one of my major things on my 'to do' list. Small steps I tell myself....
And Christmas! I don't want to go there either! lol It always leaps out at me as though it is an unexpected visitor. I really should face the fact it is approaching and start to think about it I guess.
We all experience challenging times but when these last it makes it tiring and more difficult to manage. I hope you are getting over your cold and that life brings some lightness and cheer.
Take care of yourself Alexa, thinking of you x


Wow, these are great. I really love your detailed journaling. Glad to see you could get away for a little bit and recharge in such glorious surroundings. Definitely difficult times with your dad, take care.


I love reading about your day to day life through your pages. So many lovely photographs, brought to life by your talent for journalling. I hope the next 6 weeks aren't too traumatic for your Dad x


I don't want to know how many weeks there are 'til Christmas so I'm blocking that out for the time being! At least until we've passed Hallowe'en and Bonfire night. Wishing you a speeding recovery and a little breathing space this week x


Alexa, your love for life and your family and those, and everything, around you shines through. What a joy - and an inspiration - to behold. Wonderful. So lovely to see your environs in your photos: somehow didn't make me homesick this time. And so great to see your maple so very very red this year!!!! Helen xx PS. In awe that you managed to produce such wonderful pages having had such a hectic few weeks and, yes, I also get antsy when I have photo indigestion and have a bad case of it at the moment!!!


Such beautiful autumnal colours in your pages; isn't this a lovely time of year?
Hope your dad continues to cope well with his treatment, it must be quite a strain on all of you. Take care and hope you soon make a full recovery from that horrible virus.


Great pages. I love the three column layout you have used - it really works well.


I really love the simplicity of your pages Alexa. Do you print them out? Sending ((HUGS)) to you all for what your Dad is going through. He looks as though he is enjoying lunching out! Gorgeous autumnal colours in your photos. Hasn't this autumn been spectacular?


Thanks for your energy good wishes, I return them in kind. I really like the clean lines of your scrapping, it is easy to find a place to rest the eye upon. No photo indigestion as such, the photos get printed, I get creative constipation & end up with boring pages.


Love the layouts - so you! Those photos of you on your walks are wonderful - you look so happy out in nature. Glad things are going well with your Dad's treatments and hope they continue that way. And sorry to hear you haven't been well, but misery loves company, so I'll share that my entire family has been down and out. For me it started last Wednesday - I managed to survive work-related travel, but have been really out since Saturday. Even called in sick yesterday and spent more of the day sleeping than doing!


Enjoyed seeing your snapshots - you always get such good ones. And catching up with all the details of life there. And intrigued by the idea that you can crisp kale in the oven. Hoping your Dad continues to do well with what's coming.


These pages look wonderful and I love how there are lots of text/stories to the photos. We always assume we will be the one showing the photo books where we can tell the stories but years later unless the stories of the place and what happened or why you visited somewhere are written down it is just a photo. I'm still working on my book from last year. Thanks for always stopping by and taking the time to comment on my pics too, it's always appreciated. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Jacky S

The photos have such a wonderful autumnal feel....autumn colours really are the best.


Glad you're back. I love seeing your snippets.


They look wonderful Alexa - and no I'm not counting down till Christmas. I can't believe it's almost November - the year seems like it was stolen away this year.


One of these days I will be able to create pages *similar* to yours…at least in a layout with photos. I'll put this on the "selfie queen's" list of things to tutor me on…I thoroughly enjoyed re-living your month's activities and seeing the sights of your world. Loved your tree-cave and recording sounds of the brook - genius!

Trusting that the cold is over! And hoping that your Dad's treatments continue to go well. A belated 92nd birthday wish to him.

Christmas plans! Guess we now have less than two months…and photos: last I looked I had 15K on my HD…thinking it's time to archive more and tho' they are backed up in several places, a good purge is probably way overdue!

Thanks for the treat and glad you are back in the groove…


Missus Wookie

Hoping you are feeling better, got some more time out in the warmer weather and that the pain free treatment has continued.

You've done so well on this project, it will be a wonderful set of images and memories to look back on in years to come.

At the moment I've got photos not yet processed, stories to be told and yes that does cause an ache... Getting things organised for Christmas is higher on my priority list now as I did count up the weeks!


wow! (yep, that's all ;-) no, seriously, you are the only blogger I still follow who keeps up with ANYthing scrapbooking. I love the idea but I haven't ever been able to find a way to "keep up". so I'm enjoying your pages - full of photos and stories and life! - vicariously. thank you for sharing.


Alexa your pages are always a delight to look at and its lovely to read about all have you been up to last month. Jealous of your fabulous woodland walk (and recording the water - what a great idea!) as we've not managed to find the time to get out on a good long ramble this Autumn. That's salad sounds yummy too. Happy November x

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