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Tuesday, 06 October 2015


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Love the layout with the MOST clever title idea ever!!


Beautiful layout, love the colours. CAS does indeed suit you. Hope you have some shut-eye soon. P xx


Gorgeous! You do clean and simple so well.


I do love your clean and simple style and it works so well with your stunning photos xxx

Julie Kirk

Goodness that takes me back - I used to climb here there and everywhere. I completely understand his desire to try out all his new shapes and challenges!


Definitely my style; love everything about it! Thinking of you and your dad & hoping that the trips are not an indication of anything too serious. Somehow I missed that announcement at Cathy Z's; I'm not sure I can find the old class now or not!


A brilliant example of how the right font and some lovely images have no need of extra adornment to make a great page. Thank you for your kind words on my Monday post :-)


Oh how lovely!

I hope you are finding time to put your feet up for ten minutes during the day even if a nap is out of the question..


So beautiful and typical of your lovely style. Hope you manage to catch up on some sleep very soon x


Fab photos, and your layout add to the sum of the pieces. Saying a little prayer for your Dad. Take care!

Jacky S

Wonderful page....and such a great title.


Fantastic layout and I especially like the title and journaling. Cathy Z is certainly a generous scrapper & teacher, so what a great way to dabble at the early rising hour. At 5am I would barely know my own name.

Missus Wookie

Oh this is gorgeous. I was tempted by CZ's class but knew I didn't have time. Glad to see you're making time!


You know, I love your consistency here. I find myself inspired by that. I want to be more consistent myself. I miss my bloggy friends. Thank you. Be well, friend.

Melissa Gross

OH, I hope your Dad is doing ok! This is such a great page & so you - glad you've found some time to create & utilize those class materials.


Love everything about this especially the dazzling stip of stripes across the bottom. And the very cute photos of course, I hope the hospital visits go well and you manage some of that shut eye x


I love the layout and as always your journaling, such a handsome boy. Hope things are okay with your dad, will read back to see what I have missed during my lengthy blog hiatus.


Great job with the page! I also got the free access to this class. I now have 3 classes lined up on the CZ website that I need to make time to play with!


Great layout and I love the title!


Ahh, so you're taking it too! Your layout looks great. It's amazing isn't it what just a little change to type can do. I hadn't taken the class before but I got in with the discount she was offering. Like you I'm a big fan of clean & simple and Cathy. Now talking about all that I should go get on and get lesson #2 done. :)


The pole dance makes me laugh. I love this page!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Hello, dear Alexa. I have just had a lovely catch up on your blog. You have such a way with fonts and I love your latest layout! I'm happy to announce that you are the winner of one of my mandala kits. :o) I'll put it in the mail for you at the beginning of next week. Congrats! xo


In my next life, I will make great layouts just like Alexa! A wonderful page and the photos are priceless. Lots of precious memories included there.
As previous posters have stated, I trust your trips for health care services for your dad are not too taxing on all accounts. My thoughts are with you. Rest up!

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