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Thursday, 17 September 2015


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That plugged in photo is super cute!


Your little ones plugged in is quite adorable. Such serious faces. I like your carousel photo. Your third photo of the restroom collection, well it would just give me performance issues. (lol)


Ha! They certainly want you to notice a red light don't they? [But surely at some point you become blind to them?!!]

Those first loos look suspiciously like a jail ... not sure I could quite 'relax' in there ...


Splendid snaps, that first one takes the prize, though.


love having a choice of loos. no , really, I do. Have you ever seen the one in vienna at Hunderwasserhaus? Now that is what I all a loo. Google image it. Its fab.


Oh, aren't they gorgeous! I really enjoyed this collection..you do something special with the light when you take pictures: they are all so fresh looking


Great photos Alexa!

Melissa Gross

Great finds for the hunt! I especially enjoyed the history tour of restrooms! :)


Those LIttles are truly adorable! The carousel is one of the prettiest I've seen yet, and what WERE they thinking when so many traffic lights were installed?!?


great finds Alexa..your little ones are the cutest and so alike :)

Carola Bartz

Great photos for the scavenger hunt - and it reminds me that I should write my post about it. The traffic signals made me laugh...


Tremendous finds! My fave: the littles. Too cute and so engaged.
Cheers ~


At the risk of repeating myself, beautiful snapshots, I say!!


Boy they really want to make sure you see that light!

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