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Tuesday, 22 September 2015


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Well done on finishing the challenge - you look like you had a lot of fun whilst doing so!


Oh what lovely pictures! (Prize for the prettiest sign, perhaps?) I can remember seeing a school history programme about Eyam when I was about nine. It has stayed with me ever since: it's one of those things which gets asked in crosswords and quizzes and then everyone is surprised when I know the answer. But I could never forget that story.I would have enjoyed that play very much I expect.


A lovely collection. What a panorama - and your people eating outdoors look so happy.

The 'natural body of water' photo took me right back!! I spent many an hour hopping over [and sometimes missing] stepping stones in our local park when I was little. The water used to be orange from all the iron ore coming down from the hills. [I still remember the white and blue gingham cloth shoes that turned orange after I stepped in the water by accident when I was about 4!]

p.s: the look on that lady's face is quite something!


Well done on finishing! I particularly like the stacked bikes.


These snapshots are simply delightful. And oh so scrapworthy too!


Another wonderful collection of photos! And, you're correct, seeing photos from all over the world interpreting these items is always a lot of fun. Your panorama is especially beautiful!


Brilliant! Glad to read you managed to finish the challenge. You've taken some beautiful photos along the way. Love the colourful bikes. And thanks to your previous post, I'm noticing all sorts of ornate door knockers as I wander around on my travels lol. P xx

Missus Wookie

Oh lovely - I've done the photos.... just need to process and publish!

Well done on getting them all. I do enjoy seeing all the variations around the globe.

Melissa Gross

Great job on these hunt photos! The one of you is precious. And, of course, I love that stack of bicycles!!


Those bikes are an amazing find! What a great set of photos you found. Here's to next year!


What a fantastic roundup, including three generations of your lovely family. I remember learning the story of Eyam too. Love those bicycles.


WOW all great finds and captures. I would like to picnic where you found the panoramic view & I would definetly like to wander in the natural body of water.


You have some beautiful shots and interesting subject matter. Hands down the most beautiful in the bunch is the one of YOU!!!


Thank you for passing by an looking at my photos and your kind compliments. You have some fab photos yourself. I have just taken a moment to have a look at all your posts . You have certainly journeyed about. I am interested to see the one of Eyam. I would like to see that re enactment. The bikes are fab and you have some wonderful views. What fun it is to travel around with everyone!

Lady Ella

Lovely. You have some great interpretations and beautiful photos. I too love the panorama, and the stepping stone river looks idyllic.

Bleubeard and ELizabeth

These are gorgeous photos. I loved the bikes because I have an internet friend who visited one of the towns on the tour and there were TONS of bikes there, too. Not sure if it was the same town, because I live in the States and don't remember the name. But your photo is truly ingenious!

Enjoyed the photo of the little one in the water, too. Kids DO love water, don't they?

I loved your photos, because they truly were from a part of the world I've never been and may never see except through your lens.


And thank you so much Alexa for the great photo spreads. This last group makes me want to hop the next flight over and visit your lovely countryside. Awesome photos: detail; colors; vibrancy; context.

Cheers ~


great selection. I love the bike sculpture and the ladies in costume! Lovely shot of the natural body of water too...


Love your eating outside photo! The bike sculpture is a good interpretation too!


Absolutely gorgeous photos as always. The creek shot is magical.

Tracey Fletcher King

I am so happy to have found your blog through Notes On paper and your lovely comment... these photos are amazing... what a lovely blog you have...xx


Oh and you finish up so strong. Well done Alexa.


Gorgeous photos and I just love your take on two people wearing matching outfits! Well done on finishing the hunt x


What a wonderful group of pictures - that bicycle one was really something!


What fun!!

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