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Friday, 11 September 2015


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Yes accepting change seems to feel more difficult as the years go by. At least At least it seems that way for me. In fact I found myself saying the other day "I remember when I was a lad, these were all fields" lol It even feels weird when I go on a walk I haven't been on for a few years and there's something in the landscape that's different. :)


Oh dear. How awful. It is your view and your countryside but unfortunately their house and their decision. What a shame.


Oh this is so hard. A beautiful view, but yes, their house. I can see why you wept and also why you accepted.

Karen Walker

This is a hard one to accept. It takes me awhile to adjust to every change in our neighborhood, but we've never lost a view like that!

Melissa Gross

What a bummer to lose such a wonderful view! Great pairing of words & photo!


Awww! Sorry you are losing this lovely view! Glad you are able to accept it for your young neighbours. X


oh dear..what a shame x


Oh, I would have wept too. It can't have been easy to accept. Glad that you are able to do so.

Jacky S

Oh dear.


That's sad. I love the way you've managed to tell the story and your feelings all in 20 words!


That's hard ... I do hope your neighbours appreciate you for being so accepting.


Oh Alexa, so sad. I feel for you. [I know I'd have been tracking the changes in the seasons by it if I had that beautiful tree as part of the view out of my window; beautiful trees can come to mean so much can't they?].


That's hard. I agree with Michele - it's quite a feat to have summed up the situation with such brevity. Strange how such large emotions can be expressed and *understood* in so few words. I guess it proves how alike we all are. x


This makes me sad for you. I don't think age has anything to do with being sad about so much change. I hope your neighbours are at least aware of their needs making such a change.


What a shame, and how very generous of you to accept their need for space so gracefully. I hope you have plenty of photos of the changing seasons in that view to remember how it was.

Yvonne Yam

Oh dear. Enjoy the view while it lasts!


Oh that's so hard. I'd find that a difficult one. You've said a lot in very few words


I would weep too! How terribly sad for you. And like the others, I'm amazed at how you put so much emotion into twenty words.


Bummer. Maybe this means there will be more little voices to eventually overheat playing next door?

Missus Wookie

Such a poignant twenty words. Perhaps you should consider a widow's walk around the roof - and try to see over?


Oh dear! I wonder what changes will happen next door to us as that house just sold. Hopefully nothing that will disturb our views or hearing.

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