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Saturday, 05 September 2015


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Your photos are fabulous! I love the bridge---rusty or not, and I'm always so taken with the lovely landscapes which are so different from the ones here. You are certainly "in!"


Love the countryside photos. I recognise the beautiful landscape. I don't visit it often enough these days :) I hadn't realised that ornate knockers were a rarity to find lol. I shall of course be on the lookout now :D P xx


What a fantastic start! I like the story of the two door knockers..makes me create a story in my head about a builder dashing off one morning to bulk buy and get his houses finished

Julia Heald

That's a pretty good list so far! The door knocker is proving elusive for a lot of scavengers (including me!) but you have captured some beautiful ones there ;)


What beautiful photos Alexa, I found my turtle in an unlikely place too, this wasn't an easy find.
I love the story about the door knockers, it's amazing what we take for granted. I assumed I'd find this easy but spent days looking with no success. Then I went to my friends home (which I regularly visit) and there was one! I'd never noticed before. Just like I'd not noticed how these lovely door decorations have slowly disappeared over the years.
I really enjoyed reading... well done on getting so far along this summer.


These photos are fabulous. what a great photographer you are.


These are great Alexa, love the panorama as well.


Loving the heathery hills and those little pyjama clad people. I walk down a street almost daily that three doors with ornate knockers and I still haven't got a shot. I always feel a little bit silly taking random photos on a busy street!


Fab photos - gorgeous flowers!


These are lovely. The door knocker story made me smile! It seems to have eluded lots of us this summer!


All great captures for SPSH. I like the two lion door knockers.

Missus Wookie

Oh how lovely - I went to an exhibition 'Climb up to the Moors' full of images of heathers and hills and streams. Gorgeous scenery and views. Lovely photos too!


I love your metal bridge unexpectedly in the middle of a rural setting and well done on the door knocker - I never realised how scares they were until the hunt

Melissa Gross

Fantastic finds for the hunt! The door knockers are fabulous, but my favorite is the game playing photo with the extra leg ready for some other action with the board! :)


Lovely photos Alexa, the door knocker eluded me!


A fabulous set of photos! I really like the door knocker against the red door and the turtle is super cute!


Stunning photos Alexa and I love the stories behind each one. Every year I think I should try my hand with this summer scavenger hunt; it looks so fun. Maybe I'll prevail on my sister to lend me her DSLR and try my hand next summer. In the meantime, looking forward to the next installment of yours.


Cheri Andrews

Great shots Alexa! I'm personally rather enamored with the turtle!


What a fun idea...and such lovely photos! Thank you for sharing!!

Yvonne Yam

These are beautiful photos! I LOVE the door knockers! :)


Your photos are absolutely beautiful, I especially love the bridge shot. Just look at that countryside. Lovely!


What wonderful photos Alexa. You are very fortunate to live surrounded by such beautiful countryside.


Beautiful snapshots.


You got some really great ones there Alexa. Love that Dome one!

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