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Saturday, 26 September 2015


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Fab photo montage! Love the elements you've taken from my page and then made it in your own style.


Smashing and it was lovely to meet you all at Cirencester (as a newbie/day delegate)


Jacky S

Love your photo collage....it was such a great weekend.
A 'simply' great page.


wonderful photos Alexa and such a cute page

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

What a great way to record us all. I love your page - such a cheeky fun photo - and your interpretation of Fay's page is lovely - keeping the same freshness but very definitely you!


Looks like a brilliant event to attend. Love your page, what a full beaming smile :) P xx

Missus Wookie

Such a great adaptation of Fay's page - it has your signature style too.

Could I have a copy of that photo of TownMonkey please?


fantastic collage! & love how you've altered Fays page to match your style, it looks so different & yet I can see perfectly where elements came from


Love the page and love all those happy faces I see! So sad not to be there with you all but glad you had a wonderful time.


It's nice to hear you've had a nice break [or any break at all]. I imagine that lifted your creative spirits no end!


It looks like a very inspiring weekend. The cereal tower made me smile, I think it's in the Nana job description to supply supplies for grandchildren. My youngest always comes back from Morrisons or Tesco with a small bag of his own supplies courtesy of Nana.


Of course I couldn't wait to see what you had done with the page; but almost better even than that are the photos of everyone smiling and being busy, working away. How wonderful!


Very nice page. I like your change of the phrase about live / cherries to cereal. I'm going now to wander through the other pages :)

Karen Walker

Thought I had commented on this post the day it went up, and just discovered it still sitting on my husband's laptop! It was fascinating to see how the layouts changed, and how little from the first layout ended up in the last one. I love your CAS layout, as well as that delightful photo of the boy with his cereal! That's what grandmas are for!


Your weekend looks so much fun! I would love to join in with that group and meet more of my bloggy friends in person!


Well, this is what I think makes for a super weekend. Thanks for the collage and the look at your page. Sweets for a sweet young man are certainly in order. I'm looking forward to treating myself to reading the oher blogs over the course of the day.


What a great looking collage! It sounds like such a fun weekend! Your pass the page is super cute ~ that's a gorgeous photo of your wee boy!


Looks like a fun weekend! I love your page. Pass the page sounds great fun, I'll come back and look at all the others later (I'm doing Julie's 300 comments in 30 days for October). We do something similar at our crop, but we each pass round a page and add to it. It turns out some interesting results!!


What a fabulous weekend to be surrounded by so many creative people. And I love your layout. That cheeky grin is just scrumptious!


Oh my what a wonderful collage of your weekend - definitely see some familiar looking faces there. I love your interpretation of Fay's page with top and bottom borders and the word Life in script.

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