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Monday, 27 July 2015


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Happy Monday. Slow and rainy over here giving me a chance to do some catching up. Hope you're well.


What a lovely photo of you both. Enjoy the celebrations.


beautiful pictures of the rain - have a great celebratory week


I must thank you Alexa, for that introduction to Rob Wilson. Fantastic. I loved that he sewed on a sewing pattern. I hope you enjoy your celebrations with your 'media naranja' and family. Enjoy.


Beautiful photos especially the one of you both. Such lovely smiles. Have a fabulous anniversary. Sounds like there's going to be a lot of fun and celebrations to enjoy in the next few days for you. Sending hugs. P xxxx


Lovely to see you both on what is looking like another damp Dorset morning! Have fun with your Littlies and Biggies. Off to check out Rob Wilson.


Y'all have had a cold, wet summer - maybe that bodes well for having a warm, dry winter?! Love seeing you both at the end - and happy anniversary! Celebrate BIG!


Lovely photo of you both - happy anniversary! x


Happy Happy Anniversary! That's such a lovely picture I feel like it deserves an extra large wave! And I do like your crop of your other pictures: they really do offer a "slice of life". Have a great, celebratory week Alexa.


That's a lovely snap of you and Himself ... happy anniversary! I do hope you get better weather this week ...


Happy Monday Alexa! Love the pic of you & Himself. You look so happy together. Happy Anniversary and enjoy the celebrations! Thanks for the intro to Rob Wilson - clearly mixed media SHOULD be his day job, his creations are fantastic. And watching him create just made me itch to go play myself!


Happy Anniversary. Wonderful photo of you and Himself.

Julia Heald

Love your pictures of the rain from afar and close up. The art trail looks interesting. Happy Anniversary to you both and enjoy your week x


Yep rain here too but it saved me watering the garden. Happy anniversary guys you look 20 xxxx


happy anniversary, and happy birthday to himself, too!

Karen Walker

What a lovely selfie! Happy Anniversary! We're celebrating our 42nd tonight in Calgary, Alberta---the last night of a fabulous vacation in the Canadian Rockies.


Has t it been a damp summer so far? Happy anniversary to you both. Our 35th is in September- how time has flown!


36 years and counting! Congratulations! What a lovely 'selfie and it is so nice to see himself! A dashing gentleman..loved your big smile! Looks like you had and are having a great week. Do, do enjoy and we look fwd to hearing all about the weekend.



Wow, congratulations on your anniversary! Lovely to get a peak at your other half. We've had it wet here too, but you'd expect that being winter. I hope you get some lovely summer weather soon.


oh, Alexa, I love the photo of the two of you, it exudes love and happiness and joy! Happy anniversary!

Melissa Gross

Congratulations on 36 years! That's a fabulous photo of the two of you. You look so happy & relaxed . . . despite all that rain! LOL It's simply dry & HOT here now, so I'm hibernating in my happy craft room for the month of August. :)Have a great month!

Missus Wookie

Reading through very late but I hope the Anniversary and Birthday were happy and well celebrated. The visit from Littles and Bigs sounds fun and joyful - I hope it was.


Happy Anniversary, Alexa. Helen xxx

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