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Wednesday, 17 June 2015


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Well that's a first-I'm first to comment. Crafting and resourcefulness is in the family then. The whole event sounds beautiful. So pleased the sun shone down cos it ain't at the moment.


Lovely photos - the dresses look beautiful!


Beautiful, beautiful photos! And what an amazing Church!


You were definitely blessed with good weather. The photos look wonderful. Love how you've created the date and monogram symbol on the left hand page of your layout. P xx


Don't they all look lovely. Fantastic photos and i love the college you've created. Very magical x


The little girls are so adorable! The whole thing feels like a vintage country garden wedding and looks just divine!

Jacky S

It looks like a wonderful occasion.

Melissa Gross

Absolutely lovely!!


lovely seems to be the adjective of choice - for good reason! is it totally cliche to say I'm reminded of 4 weddings and a funeral? in the very best way! thank you so much for sharing...all the lovely.

Karen Walker

Lovely photos; beautiful people, lovely layout!


Such lovely, lovely pictures. They look so happy!


So much beauty! You have such talent!


I always love your pages, as you know Alexa. Just beautiful. I too am seething about the lack of summer. I am praying for sunshine on Tuesday when I graduate! No-one wants a soggy hood now do they?!


What a lovely wedding and treasure you created for the newlyweds, as well as your LifeBook 2015. I'm sure appreciated by all. Wish i could send some of our heat your way. Perhaps soon?

Missus Wookie

Oh how lovely - such a beautiful wedding.

Had a friend only a wee bit north of you who commented that she came downstairs at the weekend and her beloved had started the fire going in the kitchen. They both shook their heads as it is June you know, but decided it felt good :)


Absolutely magical. A beautiful double page. Thanks for the font connection.


It looks like something from a fairy tale. Would love to see more of her dress.


beautiful wedding and thanks for the floral fonts pointer


Ooo, I'm very impressed that Rachel stitched all the dresses herself. How lovely they all looked. It's so nice that everyone had an individual dress - no line of little clones for her bride's-maids! All very pretty and fresh looking. Just right for a May-time wedding!

The weather forecast for the next week or two isn't promising, I'm afraid... after the all-to-brief sunny spell, we're in for more rain and dull weather. Sigh...
Still, if it's really yuk outside, it gives us an excuse to stay in and craft!

Have a lovely weekend, Alexa!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

What a stunning wedding that must have been! Your photos are lovely and give such a beautiful peek at part of their day. I love that the bride made all the dresses!

peppylady (Dora)

Came in form the notes on paper...Like to congratulate the new couple.

Coffee is on

Lisa H

perfect - just perfect. a wedding is always a wonderful affair and this one looks particularly wonderful. makes me a little homesick


Looks absolutely beautiful and that lovely old church looks the perfect spot.


A summer wedding just so romantic! Your pages are, as always beautiful. I loved the stroll along the path of knee high meadow grass.


That just takes my breath away - there is nothing more beautiful than creating your own dream day by designing and making your own dresses. Rachel and her bridesmaids took stunning and I love the touches such a wild hedgerow flowers and her beautiful vintage style. Sigh! Sorry it has taken me so long to visit and comment. I can't believe where this time has gone... and summer with it :(

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