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Monday, 08 June 2015


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Lovely photo of you :) I think the well dressing is wonderful - have always liked this time of year and seeing them when we were up that way. Love the Alice in Wonderland! Glad your Dad is feeling a bit better and able to be out and about a bit.


busy busy weekend. I daresay busy week to come too. Lovely, happy photo of you.


What gorgeous pictures! They have given me quite a lift this morning :) We did a lot of greenhouse tidying this weekend too.

Have a good week. It's a pleasure to be waving at you today


Waving to you on a Monday! I have a head full of good intentions for this week lets hope they materialise.


I've never heard of well dressing before, but so enjoyed ALL your photos this morning! Here's to a happy, productive week--for both of us! We leave next weekend to help Sarah move house (again!) and I have a list far too long of projects I'd love to finish beforehand.

Jacky S

Well dressing is new to me as well....but it sounds like a great 'institution'.


Oh, Alexa, so so so wonderful to see a well dressing (and such a beautiful one!)....I used to take my Grandad out and about to see them.....


I have never heard of well dressing before - but what a lovely creative idea.
We've had glorious weather down here, I'm pleased to hear it's finally made its way up to you as well!


a little bit of everything this weekend. Alice in wonderland reminds me of my childhood..great photos x


Had never seen anything like these "well dressings" but how clever and creative and lovely! And speaking of Alice... you've sent me down the rabbit hole with your last post on the Midori and all the creative planners. I've been watching youTube videos and pinning ideas for next year. I'm so excited about the possibilities! This year, I'm still trying to get into the habit of using the "Passion Planner" that I bought.


Great to see you with a big smile on your face - enjoy the week and the photo editingx


so great to see you...off to a bright start to your week, as well! I'm a huge fan of Alice and those well dressings are a lovely sight. thank you so much for sharing!


well dressing is new to me too - I'm amazed at how intricate the pictures are and what a lovely tradition

peppylady (Dora)

Calamities are sure pretty, wish I had one.


Enjoy that sunshine and all those beautiful flowers that frace your front foor.


Well -pun intended - we have none to dress but what a fun and happy idea! The closest we come are the "free libraries," little book stations filled with "free to take" books. Nothing organized; just someone sets up in his/her yard and that's about it.
Love the photos, especially your smiling face and the concept by Sian. Guess I'll mosy over there to check it and others out. Thanks for sharing and hope your week continues to be lovely.


Lovely pics, sounds like your out and about time was quite fun there in Wonderland. Glad your dad is feeling better. Hope that lovely smile of yours lasts all week.

Prairie Jill

Waving back to you! Okay, when I read about "well-dressing" I thought it would be an event where people dressed nicely! Ooops. Love the idea, though. Sounds like a lovely week.

Prairie Jill

.... And I forgot to say thank you, as always, for your lovely comments on my blog! You asked about the little bird I posted yesterday - I think it's a female red-winged blackbird. I'm also glad you liked the hazy, summery abstract I posted today. I'm still experimenting with abstracts and I'm not sure yet how blurry to go! I feel a need to keep some contact with reality but who knows, maybe one day I'll go really abstract.
Best wishes,

Julia Heald

My kind of weekend. Alexa - a few jobs, some sorting out and a trip somewhere. I've always wanted to see the well dressing. Good luck with the the photo editing!


It's good to get things sorted out at home that's for sure....I have been decluttering madly getting rid of good things by selling them. I love your project life pages below they look great. I'm still working on my 2014 year book but I won't have to panic until December 2015 when I think I need to start on the next year. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane


I'm so glad to hear your dad is getting better.


Well, where did June go? I can't believe I have missed so many posts, it only seems a few weeks ago I did my last catch up. Sadly mistaken!
It is lovely though to see this bright and cheerful post. I have visited the well dressing and love the Alice in Wonderland one - it is 150 year celebration so probably reason for this inclusion.
Glad you dad was feeling a little better. I hope it continues this way x

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