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Friday, 05 June 2015


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Oh, Alexa, I hadn't delved in to this whole midori world but your post has convinced me to at least take a look: this might be a solution to my 'more notebooks than I know what to do with' problem.....thank you!


Wow!! I am so impressed and admiring of your organisation Alexa!! I love the idea of having a number of notebooks within one cover... now known as a midori! I've not heard of this before but it is a lovely word and I will be following the links you provided and find out more. As always I love your post and photos!
You know only too well that anything to do with journaling, maps and making books makes my heart sing too! You ticked all my boxes here, thank you! x


Gosh - what organisation! And what a great way to make a cover for the notebooks :)


Oh Alexa...it's beautiful. Lovely to read your process and see your photos. These are so popular now...i have been thinking i should bring out my old filo fax and update it...now i am thinking i need a midori x


I splurged on a midori for our upcoming trip; have a book of graph paper and a book of watercolor paper in it. Hoping it will become the ONE notebook I want for travel. I have two spiral bounds that I use for daily journaling and organization. They work well, but the idea of combining them somehow is intriguing. I am always so impressed with your creativity!

Fiona@staring at the sea

I have been researching Midori/Fauxdori with an idea to make one for my girl, when she heads off to college in September, and another for myself. Yours is wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration.


Wow..such organisation, so beautifully presented..


This is such a great idea. I am decidedly NOT organized. When I see things like this, I dream though.


Isn't it funny how with so many different electronic organizing tools available, so many people are turning back to traditional paper planners? I never stopped using them, but I've been through so many different styles and none seems to be "just right" yet. I love your ideas and the photos really help explain the system - and now I'm wondering if something like this would work for me. I really need a daily checklist to remind me every day to stretch, meditate, take my vitamins, etc. And then the daily/weekly/monthly planner for recording appointments and such. And a gratitude journal. And a project planner. Right now these are mostly separate things for me and here I sit after reading your wonderful post Alexa, just mulling over how this might work for me! Christy's creative planner class looks wonderful too!

Jacky S

All my 'organisation' is on paper....nothing at all on my computer....planner, diary, calendar,notebook,lists etc.etc!!
Maybe I need something like this to keep them altogether.


I haven't heard of Midori before, but what a great idea. I love the cover you've made!


I thought I was organised, but no, not when compared to you!


What inspiration, Alexa. I keep a pseudo-type Midori - it's my Circa (Levenger ) Planner Journal - will need to share on my blog my set-up (soon). Great post and you've givwen me some super ideas. Just what I love about blogging - the sharing. Thanlk so much for the inspiration. TBC!

PS. and now we know what the maps are for ;-)).


Really, really nice! Now you've got me contemplating making a cover for the 2 notebooks I carry in my purse.


What a great post! full of inspiration and information - thank you for sharing! For the last 8 years, I've used Moleskine notebooks for my daily journaling (I think I've filled 23 of them) but since I left work in 2010, I haven't had a good planner system. Just bought Elise Blaha's Get to Work book http://gettoworkbook.com/ and I'm going to start that in July. Honestly not sure how this will impact my Moleskine practice...I really don't want to have two notebooks!

Yvonne Yam

Love your Midori cover! I use mine only for my travel pages.
I actually don't bring mine out at all. I rely on my brain and phone because I already carry too much junk in the bag...lol
Glad you have a system that works for you. I'm still tweaking mine!


Ah, now I understand what a midori is! I love that you made your own cover for it, makes it so personal when they've become so popular again. Looking forward to your on-the-road scrapbooking post, it's something that I've never kept up with while travelling, I sure you've got some great tips

Julia Heald

Fascinated by this post Alexa. Love the map cover (a girl after my own heart!) I'm just a Filofax user but am lusting after an upgrade. Just not sure what it is yet but yours looks fantastic.

Missus Wookie

Oh this is pretty and makes me waver yet again about considering paper... I do like the idea of the monthly/slightly longer journals being bound together to create a yearly version. Think this might be a fun and easy way to do travel journalling during a trip too.

Love the map cover, especially now that I know it started as a cereal package!

Lisa H

I also have a map addiction so this appeals to me so much - pondering if I should put that inspiration into reality! Thanks for sharing


Thanks for the shout out! I suppose you've already realised I have a similar addiction to all things organising. Love what you've done here and your cover is genius. I look forward to seeing more of your little scrapbook.

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