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Tuesday, 23 June 2015


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You're fast! I haven't yet managed a picture of our garden squirrel, nor our magpie. And it's impossible to see the glass..that's amazing

Jacky S

Wonderful photos.....I can hardly believe that they were taken from indoors. Note to self.....clean windows!!


Those are great photographs! We love our woodpeckers and have fought the squirrels for years!


These are fantastic shots Alexa! Can the squirrel actually get food out of that feeder?


Great photos. I agree that technology is making all of this snapping and photographing so much easier. Now I must go and follow JackyS's advice - clean those windows ;)


Beautiful photographs Alexa, I'm in love with my Canon Powershot too. As you say, the quality is excellent. Nick & I would be excited everytime we saw a woodpecker too. If only. We often see a Kingfisher down by the river and we still watch in amazement every time. P xx

Missus Wookie

Great pairing and I'd be excited about the woodpecker too. Wonderful shots - I loved my little Canon with the great zoom. Need to actually get my big camera out.


Beautiful photos!

Melissa Gross

Excellent pairs photos!! We've had great luck with our Canon point & shoot, too.


great pair - I agree a woodpecker is always exciting (was there something on Blue Peter or in childhood books that planted this feeling?. Can't see the glass at all - I love my canon point and shoot too


What great captures. Quite the feeder you've got going there.


A point & shoot! Wow! I had to chuckle at the squirrel's photo. Fun!

Julia Heald

Alexa that is an amazing shot of the woodpecker - perfect for the Countryfile calendar comp on BBC1!


I know so many people hate squirrels, but I just love them. This picture makes me happy.


What fabulous pictures. You obviously have a great little camera there and beautifully clean windows! Isn't it wonderful to see the woodpecker. I am always amazed at how small they are. I also love to watch the squirrels, she said in a whisper.


Fantastic photos Alexa, i'd be running for my camera too x


Have just had a catch up Alexa, and realised how long it's been since I stopped by...my bad!! Glad to hear that your dad is doing better and have enjoyed looking at all your lovely pics xx


Very impressed with the camera. I love watching our feeders.


What a great pair of photos!


Great photos they have such character.


Wonderful shots! I love how zoom on a camera makes life so much bigger (literally!) I would love to have woodpeckers in my garden - not so sure about the squirrels. I prefer these from a distance as they can be a bit of a nuisance if they get into your loft - my friend had one fall through the ceiling while I spoke to her on the phone. I think I would have been traumatized!
Have fun with your new camera and look forward to seeing more photos.

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