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Tuesday, 05 May 2015


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Lovely page, I pored over every detail and read every word. How lucky, going to London & an extraordinarily good ticket price. Did you go see any art whilst you were there? Or head to the design museum? Good going with the fitbit :) A friend of mine has an electric bike, he's only a few years older than me & I despair at him. I'm grateful that I'm still fit enough to walk to the top of Kinder :) P xx


Hi Paul and thank-you :). The ticket was an advance one - the journey has yet to be made, and I am afraid there'll be no time for any art or design, alas!


That's a great looking grid layout. And if it keeps you keeping up - then it is all the more fab. TFS


Love the format and an interesting read. Your fitbit stats are amazing! I was so proud to have hit 21 miles last week.


Your pages are always to fresh and inviting..makes me want to remove two thirds of everything I've ever stuck down!! So lovely.

Melissa Gross

A great page Alexa! What a bummer about Dad's falls, but glad no major injuries. Isn't it funny how we want to keep doing all that we've done before but our bodies decide otherwise!

Jacky S

Love the page....and that ticket price is amazing.


Percy Pigs are dangerous!


Such an interesting read! I've recently started wearing my fitbit again, it's amazing how much it spurs you on. Sorry to read about your Dad's falls - glad he wasn't badly injured.


Oh, Alexa.....I'm leaving it open to delight in your pages when I have more time to look at them detail!


What a great layout, a perfect way to display your month in numbers!


Beautifully laid out Alexa - funny enough i downloaded the fitbit app this week x

Jen Hart

It's gorgeous and such a lovely gentle humour. What a snapshot too for everyone to remember. Your album will be precious. Have a good week.


I love this Alexa! The fact that you also put your numbers in pages is very inspiring for me :) Have a wonderful and hopefully safe (for Dad) month of May!

Julia Heald

That is a bargain rail ticket! I also smiled at the similarities and differences in your life and mine. Percy Pig is a favourite round here too with my daughter whereas we have loads of rape seed fields. Love your cartoon about dinner! Hope your Dad is OK after his falls. Lovely to see your pages, as always x

Julie Kirk

Oh Alexa - so much to comment on [and so little time - I start work in 30 mins .. so I'll type quickly!]. I like the sound of that crossword - I don't think I've ever picked up a copy of the Lady although - I do remember seeing it years ago, when I was unemployed and they used to make me attend a job club type thing. It was in their newspaper library ... I wonder how useful that came in in an old industrial town like ours ....

I'm so impressed you've managed 10,000 steps a day. I did it on Monday - but we were out and about for 4 hours! I don't know how you fit it into a regular day! as for the 100 stairs ... wouldn't that be a sight from the top. The lecture I'm heading to today is up 10 floors and that's a good view already [I have been known to walk it in previous years, but at them moment I have to use the lift with my student. Every week we both get surprised at how many students wait to take the lift *down* ... surely that's the easy part? And quicker than waiting most times!]

We've been out and about this Bank Holiday and saw lots of rape seed fields lighting up the scenery ... it's a shame that the beautiful colour isn't matched with a lovely scent ... we could often smell the fields before we spotted them!

We're an elite few this month - but you're safely pinned to the board with all 2 of us so far! https://www.pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Wishing you [and your family, esp. your understandably over-ambitious Dad] a happy and healthy month ahead.

Julie x


I pored over all the text and photos, too. I managed the most steps ever in one week this past week, but sadly it didn't have a great deal of impact on weight-loss, even though I was very careful about eating. The older I get, the harder it is! I love the idea of working on my Project Life as it happens during the month. I'll give that a try once I get caught up---making progress but not there yet. Just too many things on my plate--all of which I enjoy, thankfully.

Fiona@staring at the sea

This format really suits you Alexa. So many interesting tidbits tucked in there. I'm also smiling at that leafy pattern, which resides on a Friendship Quilt square, I'm lucky enough to have in my posession :)


I like the three columns.


Trying to think of a way of having my elementary school aged kids play around with and observe the numbers in their lives. It's such a cool way to document.


LOVE this Alexa and the concept! Me thinks I might need to do something similar. With regards to those piggy's; enjoy them! We don't have them across the pond nor is our provider of said delicious snacks around any more...:( Did the Prevention team look at Dad's toe movement? Older folk often have a difficult time with balance because their toes don't move as they should. OR they get up too fast and their blood pressure hasn't stabilized. Food for thought.


I love these pages Alexa, a wonderful mix of numbers. Excellent work with those steps! I feel your pain over the meal situation, it's never ending. Also you asked about lifting the idea of titles off my pages ... I would be honoured. I always love your pages.

Lisa H

what a wonderful month in numbers and I simply had to enlarge it to take in all the details. And I'm glad I did. Percy's are my absolute favourite even though we get them here in the Fred Ferkel form. And even though Percy and Fred are identical, it's always a bit more special to have a Percy! Add to that the fact that there are no piglets or Reversy Percy round here and you might be able to understand the obsession I seem to have developed! I also found myself nodding about the Rapeseed fields - I remember how stunned I was when I first moved to Cambridge from Birmingham - I'd never seen anything like those rolling yellow fields and promptly fell in love with them. I'm so happy that we get there here in Germany too - they never fail to make me smile broadly!


What a fabulous month in numbers Alexa. We have lots of the beautiful yellow fields around here and the red soil of the Devon countryside is so beautiful as is your LO, as always makes me wish I was doing it. I'm having a break from Month in Numbers this year. So late visiting that I'm hoping your dad is not falling around anymore.


I wanted to thank you for commenting on my post even though you weren't entering my giveaway. You are a bright spot in my corner of the blog world and I just wanted to thank you.


I said I'd be back....just didn't realise it would take me so long! FAB, beautiful, pages! Love so many of your notes: I also love The Lady (and that crossword....(which I LOVE!)......I miss it so!)...the Veggie Percy's were one of my daughter's favourite snacks when we were in the UK recently (I had to take to going in to M&S alone because she couldn't get enough of them (!)....love how you manage to get so much exercise as part of your daily routine....(the hills where you are obviously help!!).....had to laugh about the numbers for the meals and your desire to eat cheese and apples (exactly my idea of a lovely meal....feta and russets, oh my (!)....cheddar and a really tart Granny Smith...yum (!)....how is it possible to miss cheese and apples so much?! I was remembering, just now, when we cycled around Derbyshire one summer, myself and a few Uni friends, cycling/camping up and over dales, for what seems, in my memory, like all summer long....all the delicious cheese from different farms...one near Dovedale that I can still remember the taste of when I close my eyes....Heaven!).....[Hoping your father has not suffered more falls....it must be so difficult for him to accept his physical limitations. I can only imagine the tenderness and compassion you have with him]....had to chuckle about the rape flowers....my Grandad (who lived slightly further in to Nottinghamshire) loathed the stuff and was completely put out when the farmers who owned the land between our village and his decided it would be more profitable to plant rape...the whole walk was lined with those yellow flowers. We set out one afternoon, down the path in to the woods and he was mesmerised by the flowers....they're actually really beautiful close up. We didn't hear him complaining about them again after that afternoon! He actually used to take a bus ride in to our village so he could see all the 'sea of yellow' as he used to say (now I'm in tears, remembering him, and the skylarks and the bluebells and the rabbits that'd shoot across the path in front of us, and the little blue butterflies, a chalk mark flash flittering around...)....

Missus Wookie

Another who read the photos - was hopeful when I saw the A-Z, hope the journey here and back again is peaceful.

I like the idea of finding the numbers in life - with me working more we're eating a lot of apple and cheese meals here.

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