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Wednesday, 27 May 2015


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Consider my curiosity adequately piqued... will look forward to the post on the Creative Planner and why exactly you are cutting up maps!

Jacky S

I read Julie's review as well.....and intend to buy as a gift for DD1......who has just got herself 6 penpals.Glad you recommend it as well.


I've also got the book Julie reviewed pinned to buy in the future (when my littlest is a little bigger); it looks so great! Can't wait to see your map project! Great project your DD is involved with; I'll hope over and have a better look over the weekend.....12 degrees? That's cold even for where you are at this time of year, yes?! My immediate response for 'what's the French for that' was a rude word......!

katie b

You do have a lot going on .the wearable at work is a bit scary. I don't leave the office but if I did I doubt I would want to have my every move tracked by my boss.

Julie K

It's been gratifying to see how useful people found my review ... now wouldn't it be nice if I'd been getting a commission?! ;-)

You always seem to do a great job of maintaining your creativity even though you always deny it! I haven't touched anything crafty [other than work related] since my day at the crop at the start of the month!


Looks like you have some fantastic creative projects coming up. Love the textured backgrounds you've made and i'm intrigued by how you'll use your cut-up maps. Happy crafting. P xx


I was very tempted by that book too. I'm sure it won't be long before I give in and buy one. It looks like you have lots of ideas on the boil there. Exciting!


Absolutely looking forward to more about all of these! Tracy and I both wear Jawbones bracelets. They've done their job; we're much more conscious of getting in the exercise we need.


how intriguing re DD and I love your creative tips
Jo xxx


Ha, I also succumbed to Julie's excellent review!


Wow, your creativity is leading you in many diverse directions - looking forward to the map project, for sure. Personally I'm not sold on wearables, or workplaces, but the combination clearly seems like a really bad idea!


Your projects all look so fun! There is nothing like starting a new notebook and that one looks lovely. I'm also very intrigued by that clingfilm and paint project!

Melissa Gross

Wow - what a great bunch of creativeness in that streak! We've just returned from a 9-day road trip to learn that it's been raining & flooding (not at our house) in this area every day . . . while we had gorgeous sunshine & comfortable temperatures throughout our trip!


I read Julie's review too and have added it to my birthday list (this month!). A lot of creativeness there - enjoy!

Honore Francois

Whoops! Looks like we're on the same wavelength. I too signed up for the Creative Planner…still sifting through the videos and contemplating possible application of some of the tips. Intrigued by your maps and also bought several cahiers but intend to use them for another project…and yes, they don't take well to water, shadows, etc…but they are a good size and lightweight enough to be very portable. Off to check out Snail Mail…it's the least I can do since I seem to have helped you spend a few more pennies than you've intended. TBC...


Looks like i missed Julie's review - i will have a look now...and then stop by to see DD. Nice to see what you've been up too x


Oooh! I'm so pleased that you have found all this creativity, it all sounds lovely. I have played with acrylics and cling film...so messy. I loved it. The cutting up of maps is very intriguing to someone who absolutely loves them...

Yvonne Yam

Pretty intrigued by the cutting up of maps I must say...and testing out inks on paper. :)

Fiona@staring at the sea

That's a great effect with the cling film and paint. I do love a notebook and have been looking at tutorials for faux Midoris this week. The real thing being a little out of my price range!

Missus Wookie

Interesting article, I've clipped the FT version to read later.

I remember reading (and giggling at) a stand at Stitches many years ago that had as a feature for its scrapbooking paper, 'absorbs ink'. Hmm, yes.....

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