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Thursday, 09 April 2015


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Beautiful set of pages, Alexa....(I've always wondered....is that Derwent Dam?)....have always wanted to see Juliette Binoche on stage...I can't imagine how enthralled you must have been...wonderful! [Your words about your Mum moved me to tears...]

katie b

Love the long pic. And yes it's very project life.


Alexa such a lovely page and I agreed that's Project life.


hah the idea that technology is needy made me laugh. Oh how I know what you mean. it is just unfortunate that, as a technophobe, I cannot fulfil its needs.


Love these pages, such a refreshing alternative to Project Life. Sorry to hear that technology is demanding your time but we all know what ignoring their needs results in - a total breakdown!

Jen Hart

Lovely scrapping, the journaling is fantastic.


That's a stunning shot of the reservoir. I think these pages make up a perfect Project Life-esqe week.

Jacky S

Loving the pages....and how you write.
This week is my first one without socks as well.


lol! Today is my first sockless day (wearing, not knitting. I've started a new pair..)

Your pages are very lovely. So restful and calming to look at

Julia Heald

Lovely spread Alexa. The picture of that reservoir is just gorgeous. The reflection so clear. Off to walk with some water this week I think - you have tempted me!


Beautiful layout Alexa. Such adventures! Love the idea of mocktails pre-theatre at the Barbican. And lucky you to see the eclipse :) We were in London where it was grey & overcast. In our hotel room, we saw it better on the TV screen than when we popped our head out of the door lol. Enjoy the upcoming weekend - let's hope the good weather continues. P xx


I'm just loving all the beautiful smiles in these pages!

Fiona@staring at the sea

Like Cheri, I'm happy to see all those smiling faces. I was able to take my walk yesterday without need of a coat or fleece. A first for this year. Here's to many, many more sockless days.


I love the clean graphic design of these pages, and its such a wonderful way to record the simple joys. I'm doing a sort of Documented life project, in an A5 ring binder, and quite enjoying it so far ...

Honore Francois

Your templates/page layouts are great and indeed, read like a magazine. Yep, I'd say these qualify for - and exceed - Project Life.
So moved by your story/photo of your mom and taking her photos; she/my mom share the same b'day month - just 4 days (and about 19 years - my mom: 1915) apart.

What a treat for your birthday…and is that young lady with the ever so lovely smile "the" daughter?! She has your engaging smile.

I cannot crochet for the life of me…have fun.


such a lovely spread Alexa - great smilie photos x


What a lovely combination of photos and story! Even though we haven't had terribly warm temperatures, I've managed to get along without socks for two days now. Next week it's supposed to be better!

Melissa Gross

LOL Alexa - I only wear socks at home when it's really really cold! The weather here has been great & I'm looking forward to my drive down to Scrappin' Goodtime tomorrow because all the bluebonnets & other wildflowers are in bloom along the highways!


Glad you're seeing some sunshine...lovely spread xx

Tracey Holdyk

Love the page , I honestly think any page can be a PL page if that's what you want, that's why the project is so good. Loved your comment about technology being so needy, made me laugh

Yvonne Yam

Glad you are enjoying nicer weather now. :)
I love the way you are documenting your life....I do different formats too. It really stretches your creativity. :)


A lovely layout, and your description of technology is spot on!


The pages look fab, and the play sounds fun. And yes, I left my technology unattended for 3 days, and now it wants to be testy with me. It is definitely a love/hate relationship.

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