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Monday, 13 April 2015


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Sunny & cold here too. Hopefully be less bracing for my daily walk later on that it has been over the weekend. You're brave to go swimming lol. I know it's indoors and heated but I still lose my desire to swim when it's chilly outdoors. Love the sneak peek photo of your art journal books. Curious to see what creative adventures you'll be starting :) Enjoy your hectic week :) P x

Fiona@staring at the sea

We've certainly had a mixed bag of weather this past week. Hope you find a little breathing space in your busy week ahead x


I'm glad your Dad was able to get out for lunch.

Yes: our grass was surprisingly wet this weekend..not picnic weather at all.

I'm wishing you all the best for that busy week ahead and hoping that you get a chance to take some time for yourself and a bit of creating


Alexa, yes, so glad you managed a trip out to lunch with your Dad. I'm also having that 'Oh my, is it really *only* Monday?' feeling too today...had to chuckle imagining you taking a selfie...(!)....your summer house looks delightful, so cosy.....here's to a creativity-filled, 'relaxing as possible' week to you...


I'm having coffee in bed while reading your lovely words. And really enjoying those circular photos.


These rows of circles make me happy. Your blog looks so happy on my screen.

Julia Heald

You packed a lot in to such a short space! I know what you mean about the weather - it was definitely extremes this weekend.


I'd love to sit on your veranda and drink coffee with you ... what fun that would be!


ahh sounds like a perfect weekend...apart from the weather. Lovely photos x


Me on Monday? I was returning from Paris. Fantastic but thank goodness I'm off this week so my poor feet have a chance to recover.


Those photos are so inviting; wishing to see more of some of them! Sounds like you had some lovely moments. We're enjoying the first really warm weather this season, but it won't last long.

Yvonne Yam

Love your photos. Glad that those technology toys are on their best behaviour and don't need any more babying.*winks*


I love your photo collages! it's so cool to see circles on a blog post! coffee on your verandah or iced tea on my screened porch? (you wouldn't need a fleece ;-)


Yes please to the coffee - we'll sit on the verandah and talk about life, the universe, and absolutely everything. Love this taste of your life, and the weather is exactly the same - cold one minute and warm the next, sometimes all in the space of one day!


We had a beautiful Sunday and Monday and are now back to rain and gray. But you can definitely feel Spring is coming.


I'm so glad that blow dryer didn't get the best of you:)

Honore Francois

What a fun glimpse into your weekend life - thanks for sharing. The circle photos intrigue me - in my next life, I'm aiming to gain your skills. Love your creativity. The journaling tools look very interesting. Look fwd to learning more about your Blurb photo book adventure ~ on my 'someday/maybe' list.

Coffee? Indeed. I'd love to share a cup or two. Have a great week!



A lovely set of circle pictures.....thanks for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments on my blog as they are always appreciated. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

Melissa Gross

I do hope you've had a wonderful week & beautiful weather! I spent most of the week visiting & scrapping with a friend, so lots of catching up around here this weekend.

Missus Wookie

Sunny but needing a fleece has been the weather around here - although yesterday we were in the park with some of us wrapped up and others in various sleeve length tops. Changeable definitely! Sounds like a great weekend.


I'd also like to have a coffee with you. We have had the most amazingly warm and sunny weather here last week. I love the circles that you make. I have received my first Blurb book and mid writing a post about it. All good, I am thrilled with the finished product.


We are having very changeable weather here too, but a lovely sunny day today. I'm just imagining you trying to take that photo ... I suppose people must wonder what on earth sometimes.


Coffee on the verandah sounds perfect. I'd love to join you. ;^)

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