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Saturday, 04 April 2015


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I share your sentiments. exactly. Honore has gifted me a wooden carving of my word these past six years. finding just the right place in my home for these words has helped me *see* the word in my life...in so many ways. btw - exuberant is one of my favorite words. Be it, my friend!

Karen Walker

It seems a perfect choice for you, and it is truly a beautiful gift!

Julie K

How special. What a gift. [I had unexpected happy mail from an online friend too this week - it's wonderful to hold something tangible of theirs - along with their handwriting - in an otherwise virtual world].

Wishing you an exuberant Easter break. xx

Jacky S

What a wonderful gift.....I so agree with what you have said about online friendships.

Jen Hart

Wow, how beautiful and amazing, no small wonder you are feeling happy, and exuberant! Great word.

I am sorry I have not been around, I had a concussion, then holiday and now work has been crazy. I am afraid I just had to clear my reader and say a quiet sorry to everyone. I look forward to seeing your blog posts.

Fiona@staring at the sea

How beautiful and so very thoughtful.


That is so beautiful Alexa and such a personal gift. I do love having my word visible and have bought and created some pieces to show off my word for the year. So pleased your gift came safely
Jo xxx


Alexa, I just love your sharing the delivery/opening of your word! Probably the next best thing to being there - wish that I could've been - and the photo of you with the word is priceless. I hoped the word would arrvive intact...and glad that it did!

You articulated so well the spirit and beauty of online friendships. Thank you for your exuberance, that always comes through in your blog posts. Have a great weekend, too!



What a beautiful gift. I'm with you on how wonderfully kind and supportive the online world can be....wishing you a wonderful Easter Sunday tomorrow.


Aww what a sweet and thoughtful gift. A beautiful way to remind yourself of your one word 2015 :) and of the friendships you've made P x

Julie Jeavons

What a lovely gift. And you have such way with story telling.


So so beautiful, Happy Easter Alexa. x


Gorgeous sign but even more gorgeous self portrait!!!


What a beautiful and thoughtful gift.....and you are so right about online friendships xx


What a beautiful piece of woodwork. Thank you for your ongoing friendship, even when I'm terrible at reciprocating. You speak wise words that often touch my heart.


What a beautiful gift for a beautiful person! Happy Easter!


How lovely! Happy Easter xc


It's absolutely beautiful!

Hoping you had a lovely Easter


How wonderful is that! Hoping the exuberance of Easter lasts and lasts for you and yours.


That is utterly stunning. I love that photo of you holding it too, your joy at the gift just beams out!


What a lovely gift - definitely one to treasure!

Yvonne Yam

Enjoy your gift! It's beautiful!

Melissa Gross

What a lovely gift!!! I do think blog friendships & RAKs go together so well. Hope y'all had a blessed Easter!

Tracey Holdyk

What a wonderful gift, it is simply beautiful. I absolutely loved how you photographed it, you really had me guessing.


ooh a lovely gift - hope you enjoyed your Easter break x


so lovely. what a wonderful gift.


Oh, what a lovely thing! How very thoughtful and kind of her to send you such a present!

Missus Wookie

Beautiful! Lovely photographs too, such tantalising angles.

As you can tell I'm catching up on blogs now I can type again :)

Lisa H

What a simply beautiful gift. Such a thoughtful gesture. I do love this creative community we have to develop true, deep friendships. I've had the pleasure of meeting a few of my scrapbooking, internet friends in real life and we have such a strong connection. Unexpected gifts in the post from someone who has got to really know us through our creative endeavours are so special!

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