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Saturday, 18 April 2015


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Beautiful, Alexa...just so wonderful to see......thank you so much for sharing!

Esther A

I love how these templates are working for you. I 100% agree that a simple set of templates and a no-stress approach is the way to go. I bet you agonise over how to fill the journal spots up with just the right number of words (or how to cull your precious words down to fit)! ;)
I never scrap portrait. It's one decision I made when trying to decide which approach to take out of the multitude of options available. I am sure these templates would work just as well landscape, though. I will have to try that.
It is lovely to see that you have some help with your Dad. It must be disconcerting for him that his carer changes each day.

Fiona@staring at the sea

What lovely pages Alexa. Full of smiles and family life. Finding ways to bring creativity into each day, in the small pockets pockets of time available to us, is so important I think.


I love your clean lines. I wish I could replicate. Lovely to see your family photos.


Alexa, this is lovely as always. I have been playing around with your templates and love them. Thank you so much! I'll share soon, because there is a story behind it but I wanted you to know, how much they have freed up my scrapbooking time and made the process so easy!


Really lovely! So fresh and inviting..they beckon us in


I really love the simplicity of the template and the photographs and journalling are wonderful. It is really tough when a parent's health causes such upheavel from them and the family, my parents are gradually getting more health issues too. I envy you the beautiful hills and scenery up there but we do have a few hills to climb here too. keep up the great work
Jo xxxx


I love how these pages look ~ a full book will be a wonderful thing!

Jen Hart

The pages are really interesting, you really want to stop and look, especially at all the smiling people :-)

Missus Wookie

Well done - always nice to see your finished work. Tis interesting isn't it? I didn't think the idea of 'being caught up' would be one I would enjoy that much but there is something very satisfying having the weekly pages done. No embellishments or many, edited photos or not.


I love these Alexa...the perfect way of capturing your life! Xx


Yes your pages and journalling are just so beautiful Alexa.


Love how you're letting this project go with flow and ease. Glad that you're going to fill the pages to fit rather than keep to a rigid rule. Your pages are perfectly elegant and have your wonderful designer style. P xx


You definitely have the hang of it! Your combination of photos and text is so pleasing to the eye, and your stories are always wonderful to read. You have the gift of a graphic designer; one I'd love to be able to emulate.


Looks fantastic! I am doing it. I am doing it monthly, sometimes a double spread sometimes more. I think that going with the flow is the best way to go :)


I love reading your journalling and looking at your lovely photographs - you are so talented!


Looking lovely, this is going to be so interesting to look back on when it is all finished!

Melissa Gross

You certainly are staying on top of things - these pages look great. I'm enjoying scrapping some of this year's stories this year, too, and actually completed all of January and have only two things I want to add for February. That's pretty "caught up" for me . . . at least with this year's photos! :)


I am really loving seeing your book come together, what a treasure it will be. I agree being caught up is a wonderful feeling ... or maybe it's just good not having a backlog hanging over your head.


I've said it before, but your simple, graphic style is just so ELEGANT. What wonderful WONDERFUL memories you are making here.

Yvonne Yam

Looking good! I love your system...it's a little loose but it gets the stories written and the photos printed!

Julie Kirk

There's something appropriately 'exuberant' about these pages. So much happiness and pleasure and freshness! Just lovely :-)


I love the clean look of this.


I agree with Rinda. I love the clean lines of this layout.

Julia Heald

It's looking lovely. You had some lovely treats over Easter and I love the chance meeting story on the walk x


I love your rooster photo and that wonderful wooden boat. Being caught up, be it scrapbooking, laundry, or just about anything, feels so good, even if it is a fleeting experience.

Prairie Jill

Haven't visited your blog for a while and have just had a lovely time catching up! It's always a pleasure to stop by - and to read your lovely comments on my blog! Thank you, Alexa!


Finally catching up with my friends after being away... I ADORE the simplicity and the beauty of these pages. The "clean" look definitely suits what you are doing!


I know just what you mean. I love it when I manage to "keep pace" with whatever project I have taken on. Unfortunately. I usually end up pulling some late nights to actually catch up.


So enjoyed your pages and glimpses into your life...family, friends, places and especially, your journaling! Truly exhuberant memories. Wish I knew all the UK colloquialisms - they are so neat. One of these days I hope/plan to create an all digital page...I know it's not difficult; I just need to take the time to practice ...maybe a summer project.


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