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Thursday, 19 March 2015


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barbara eads

I love your new look! Having just returned from Costa Rica, I can relate. We didn't do the white water rafting, but might have to give it a go if we return! There's nothing like facing your fears and surviving! It's such a feeling of accomplishment.

Karen Walker

I've always loved your blog headers, and this is no exception. We once went white water rafting in Colorado. If yours was a 10, ours was probably a 2---definitely NOT scary! I think my kids would have preferred a bit more action. Those photos tell it all!


Oh my goodness. Far braver than I would be. What an adventure but who took the photos?


Oh my goodness Alexa! That looks so scary, but how great that it gives you both your own private joke. Wow, those are amazing photos!

Jacky S

Amazing photos....but I'm glad it was you!!


Jacky's comment is spot on! So glad it was you and not me!


Blog header is gorgeous. Not at all sure I have the fortitude to attempt white water rafting! Kudos to you for conquering your fear!


This is incredible. I am in awe that you did it! I don't think you would get me in the boat! Beautiful page as always.


Oh my...you are one brave lady! A brilliant series of photos x


Delightful post, Alexa, just delightful....beautiful writing, fantastic tale(s) - can just imagine you both chuckling on the phone! - and love the pages AND your new blog header (so lovely!)...

Julie K

I feel a bit guilty now - I di notice the new header and never mentioned it! Perhaps I take your good taste for granted! Apologies.

What a fabulous experience [yet not especially one I fancy copying - it sounds like it's really given a new perspective. One question ... who was taking the fabulous photos?


Your writing is as beautiful as ever! And I love the new look and colors.
And, yes, that rush of physical challenge when you're not sure you will make it . . .
and then you do.


Your blog header is gorgeous. Your page is gorgeous. It's always worth coming here. Signed, a satisfied reader

Yes, I'm about to start thinking about Friday night dinner and the weekend lol


You are a braver woman than me going on that ride. I'm a big scaredy cat
Jo xxx


Wow - that looks scary! Fab photos!


You are a brave soul - that gives whole new meaning to "skillfully adjusting to the prevailing and changing conditions, whilst maintaining balance and momentum". You go gal! I do like the new blog look very much, although I'm thinking the print has gotten much smaller.


Woohoo. Looks fantastic. I'd definitely be up for that if the opportunity ever arose. Must have felt so exhilarating afterwards. Can't wait for you to divulge the other adventures :) Px

Julia Heald

Wow Alexa! What an amazing experience!


When I was 18 I went to NZ on a Contiki Tour and I had "won" 4 little extra adventures to do, one of them was white water rafting. OMG I thought I was doing to die, I was sooooooo sooooo scared and there was only one way down and that was the river, you couldn't go back. The thing with the raft was you can't sit down in the middle (like a boat) and I have never been so terrified in all my life. My friend fell out of the raft and when we pulled over to get her I stood on the land saying I couldn't get back in as my heart was beating a million miles an hour but they said I had no choice and had to. I will never be white water rafting in my life again..........ahhh it might be for some people but I ain't one of them. Glad you surived it to tell the tale. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


oh my goodness. I can't believe you took photos during all that! it does make a wonderful story, though. thank you (as always!) for sharing with us.

Yvonne Yam

You were certainly brave. I've never tried. Love that you now have a shared benchmark. :)

P/s:Love the new header!


That definitely took bravery!! Wow, and a great adventure to share with your daughter. And love your new header! Very spring! (which we are not having here in New England!)


I do like the new look and that page is terrific although I'm glad it was you and not me.


You are a braver and better person than I'll ever be. How did you manage to take pics? I'd be holding on for dear life. And isn't it wonderful to have that special between mom & daughter meter stick?
Looking fwd to more snippets of your trip. Enjoy spring.


Missus Wookie

What a wonderful set of photos! It looks scary from here. Had to come to see your new blog header, I like it!


You are clearly one of the "Brave Girls" - this looks terrifying but amazing! Go you! I love your new header (but I loved the old one too). I must remember to tell you about my boat sometime .....

Prairie Jill

Oh my goodness! That's scary just reading about it! You couldn't get me in that raft for a million dollars, but I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. (Well, "enjoyed" may not be quite the right word, but you know what I mean!)

Love your new blog header!


Hello Alexa, catching up with you. That page looks scary enough for me! me & water just don't get on anymore. As always your design and writing skills are so inspiring. x

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