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Monday, 30 March 2015


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Wow what a different project for you. Plenty of beautiful colours and embellishments. Glad you're enjoying using your fitbit. Pxx


The colours you've chosen are wonderful!

Karen Walker

Given that Spring is finding it difficult to emerge here, I'm in favor of the beautiful colors and embellishments you've chosen. Just lovely! We have something similar to FitBit and find it encourages us to move about much more deliberately -- at least when we're not on the road or snowed in!

Julie K

Perfectly spring like - both your page and, by the sounds of it - your activities! x


While it may not be faded sea shore, it is definitely soft and spring-like and so pretty! Honestly, I LOVE it!


It's so gorgeously reaching out for Spring. What could be nicer?


What an absolutely beautiful spread, Alexa. Just beautiful. Am intrigued by the concept of 'exuberant stillness'...! [Love that you're getting the most out of your FitBit....great stuff!]

Jacky S

I love all those little 'extras'....and such gorgeous colours.


Your color combination and the spools of thread really thrill my heart today. So perfect for spring.


what beautiful, spring-like, lifting colours you have used. Beautiful. Is that the Andie that used to come to the crop? How is she?


a gorgeous fresh spring page.....enjoy your yoga and fitbit x


Spring always energizes me, too! you're going to love daily yoga - enjoy April!!


It says Spring to me and I love it!


I love those colours and I agree with Miriam, it's so fresh and spring like!


Oh this is perfection - and still has a calm about its happiness. What font is that you are using for the journaling?

Tracey Holdyk

That's what's so great about the creative process, you start off in one direction and end up in another. Love how you documented march

Julia Heald

The colours are gorgeous! So vibrant and fresh. Love what you have documented and captured here x


And I LOVE this page! So glad you didn't make the photos black and white...and what a great way to capture your month! Truly *exuberant* and inspiring!



Oooh I love the colour scheme you've used Alexa it is really fresh and springlike. I admire that lady standing on her head, are you going for that in your yoga or the relaxing aspect? I'd never get my feet above my bottom lol. I really like your journalling and how your new technology has really impacted on your life. Hope it continues to motivate you this month and beyond
Jo xxx


Peaceful but also bursting with life. Great use of color.

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