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Sunday, 01 March 2015


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Lovely to hear you're on the mend. The close up of that face is fab.


Thank you so much for the templates...I scrap in 8.5 x 11 and absolutely love your templates!


so glad you're starting to feel better. and wow - what a great share! you're (almost!!) making me wish I was still into scrapbooking!


Alexa, Thank you for the templates and I'm sorry to know about your back but happy at the same time for your recovery. :)


Oh my, how generous! This might just be what I need to get going on a photo book I've put off for nearly two years now! Love your photos, and it looks like you had a lovely time. Hope we'll hear more about it soon.

Esther A

I created a very similar set of templates in the book module in Lightroom and did a 300 page book using them! They are so versatile and simple, aren't they?! It takes away the whole agonising about what template to use. I actually rotated mine to landscape because that's how I do my vacation albums.
I love your outer rounded corner version. Very elegant. And very kind of you to share!


The Baltic in winter? "Brrrr!" she thinks, as she looks out of the window at blue skies and a hint of sunshine this morning.


Wonderful templates, the rounded corners are a lovely touch. The "Project Life" style of scrapbooking makes it a lot easier these days. As for the raindrops on your camera creating imperfect photos, if my understanding is correct, that's part of the joy of Wabi Sabi :) P x

Jacky S

I'm hoping your next visit to the littlies will be a bit warmer!!


Thank you so much for sharing your photoshop templates! Glad to hear you are feeling better :)


Oh, wow..you are clever! Very clever!

There's a lovely tint to those photos? A kind of perfect Baltic shade I think


These are beautiful templates Alexa. Thank you for sharing. You know how keen I am to hear progress on your book! I love what you create. I'm also really enjoying your new blog design.


It always amazes me how people like yourself can produce such incredible templates for us readers to download. I wish I could. Me and Photoshop do have our successes however commonly I am left very irritated at my inability to produce the things exactly as I like.
Ah well, if in need come to Alexa
Thank you
Love Jo xxxx

Jen Hart

I love your blog header. Your week looks lovely and you have captured the cold perfectly, raindrops and all.

Thank you for the downloads.

Have a great week :-)


Thank you, my friend, for your encouragement to keep blogging. I've decided to stick with it. At least for now. Trying... Glad we are doing this together - side by side. ;^)


Gorgeous templates Alexa, perfect for 8.5 x 11 or 6x8, love them.

Missus Wookie

So glad to hear that you are on the mend. Thank you for the templates - on my list for this year are several 8.5 x 11 digi scrapped photo books to be printed as Christmas presents. I shall be spoiled for choice!

Honore Francois

Oh! Thanks for sharing those templates…now, if I only knew how to make digital LOs/pages…on my "list" for 2015! Also, enjoyed the glimpse of your weekend with the Littles and glad to read that your back feels better. Take care!


Melissa Gross

Thanks for the templates!!! We're snowed in here today, so I'm catching up with blog reading.


Glad to hear that your back is mending. Love these templates. I just had a book made from my February CY 365 photos, a small one from Apple. I have started a book with Blurb so am glad to hear that you would recommend them. I have another idea in my head so have downloaded your templates , thanks so much. Oh! glad to hear that your weekend was lovely.


Glad to hear your back is on the mend and that you had fun with the Littlies.


These look great,but I fear they are a bit technicallly beyond me!


Photo grids, text and a white background ... you really can't go past it. These look fabulous. I hope you don't mind me linking these on pinterest and my blog.

Prairie Jill

Lovely templates - thank you!
PS Sometimes rain drops on the lens create a beautiful foggy effect! (Yes, I speak from experience!)


I can sympathize with the back and good to know you're on the mend! Thank you for the lovely templates… I have had good experience with blurb books. I also just made books through Artifact Uprising but don't know if they ship to the UK.

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