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Wednesday, 11 February 2015


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I substitute myself in that photo and except for the back problems, It would be totally true. (Fortunately, we have a snow blower so no one has to shovel much. (You look much more cheerful than I feel about this snow!)


Left out a word in that first sentence, but didn't catch it until I hit "post."


Hah! Great twenty words, Alexa! And, my, how your photo makes me nostalgic for home!

Melissa Gross

Oh my, that looks cold! Hope the back feels better soon!


When I see photos of thick snow like that I just couldn't imagine going outside like that, driving a car, working, going to the shops....it seems so very foreign to us here in Brisbane. When it gets to 10 degrees here I'm cold, in fact even 15 could be cold but I guess your houses are geared up for those extreme temperatures whereas we aren't. Have a good week, thanks for leaving lovely comments on my blog, much appreciated. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Jacky S

You look a lot happier than I would!!


Now THAT's Real snow!...I'm not sure I could cope with that any more!! Thanks ffor the belated birthday wishes and hope you went back indoors and had a hot cuppa after that pic xx

Fiona@staring at the sea

It looks like a big iced cake sitting on your garden table! That makes my -3 seem tame, without the covering of snow to make it truly wintry.


Brrr making me feel cold just looking at your photo lol. Hope your back is better. Hugs. P xx


Wow! 11 inches of snow! We've had none down here on the South Coast. Hope your back feels better soon. Bring on Spring and more cheerful days!


wow, not used to England having more snow than us - only seen a dusting here. Hope your back is on the mend


Oh dear. I wondered where you'd got to. Hope you ar recovering.


You're very brave going out in all that snow without a coat on - I'm shivering looking at the picture! Hope your back is better soon


hope your back feels better! and even with zero inches of snow so far, I'm ready for Spring!!

Julie Kirk

I can't believe you've still got all that snow! We've certainly got off lightly here - for the last week I've been saying I can feel Spring on its way - and I even saw crocuses peeping through the ground today on my way home!

Wishing you a speedy recovery of those muscles and some sunny days to help shift that white stuff! x


That looks like a lot of snow!


Oh wow I have four children desperate for snow to go sledging, can I send them to yours lol. Hope the back recovers soon


Oh my Alexa, didn't your mother teach you not to go outside in the cold without a coat on? We've had similar weather here, although not quite as much accumulation at once. I'm ready for Spring but I know better than to expect it much before late April. Hope you are healing quickly!


Wow! That is a lot of snow. I'm looking forward to spring too. It's still bitterly cold up here. I have daffodils in my room in the hope that spring is on the way!


Take care of your back! And put your coat on! We're having really c-o-l-d temps as I post this: 16 degrees F @ 8:32 am, EST. Barely any snow this season, so far...I prefer the snow!
Loved your rhyme; you are a lady of many talents!!


Wow! How I would love to come and play in that! Hope the back is better soon x


Ooooh snow you lucky things. Poor back though ouch. Now go have a ovely cup of tea
Jo xxx
PS love the new header it's beautiful xxx


Wow, 11 inches? We had about 11 flakes...! Hope the back is fully recovered now x

Yvonne Yam

That's a lovely photo. Hope the back feels better and you get warmer spring weather soon!


a beautiful photo, I hope the back is ok x


Hooray, Blogger has decided to let me comment! Looks as though you've had quite a time of the white stuff ~ barely a covering for one morning here in London.


I'm with your there - i can't wait for spring either. I hope you are recovering nicely x

Missus Wookie

Great use of your twenty words. Hope your back feels better soon. Have been amazed at how many friends have been suffering from similar injuries - mostly self inflicted tho'.

Prairie Jill

Oh dear! Hope your back has recovered. And yes, roll on spring! We, of course, still have snow on the ground. And will have it around for another month or so. Sigh! But it does make for some pretty photos. If your fingers don't freeze in the process of taking the pictures!

By the way, thanks for your comments on my blog. I so appreciate you taking the time to visit and comment! And thank you for saying you think my photos deserve to be printed. It's something I actually hope to do one of these days.

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