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Thursday, 19 February 2015


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Great snaps. We are in bitter cold so the ducks have finally had to abandon our pond out back as it froze over. I had just been thinking they had stayed too long.


Oh my! What a treasured photo find. How fortunate you were to get these two shots!
Do enjoy your weekend with the Littlies. Always the best way to spend one's time. Safe journey .


PS. Just realized your blog has a new look! Congrats! I luv it. I keep promising myself to update mine...one of these days.


This is a great pair, and the focus on both photos is stunning! More bitter cold and snow here, but two weeks from today we'll be headed south where, hopefully, it will be much more pleasant!


Ha! You must have been quick..


Ummm... this is great. It took me a minute to wrap my head around the first picture. Love it!


I love the pictures reminds me of the swans on the moat who I miss alot now I live further away.
Jo xxx


Great photos. Good to see the snow disappearing. Have a great time visiting with your family. Oh and one more thing.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! P xxxx


Thank-you, Paul! Very sweet of you to remember xx.


That's a great pairing ~ love that bum in the air shot!


great capture of tail up and love the light and reflection on the water - have a great trip


Awesome shots Alexa. You won't see that around here - all the creeks and ponds are frozen.

barbara eads

OMGosh! I can't believe you were able to capture that shot! Amazing and beautiful!


Amazing photos Alexa x

Missus Wookie

Oh what a great pair - swans always look so haughty and dignified it is nice to catch 'em out occasionally. Have a wonderful time with the Littles.

Melissa Gross

I do hope the coming week will be all up for you Alexa!


Oh I just love this pair of photos! Hope you have a wonderful time with the Littlies!


Love those pictures. I always miss the end up one at our pond with my camera. It's the way they pop back up all serene as if nothing had happened. Enjoy the littlies.


I go butt-up sometimes, too. I wonder if my silly "ups and downs" are as funny as the swans. I sort of hope so. ;^)

Yvonne Yam

Hehe...these photos just made me smile...:)

Hope it's up all the way from now on....

Prairie Jill

Oh, what a lovely surprise when the bird surfaced!! And what beautiful photos.


Loving your new look blog! and your swans of course, simply beautiful. Have a lovely visit.

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