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Monday, 05 January 2015


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Oh, Alexa, what a brilliant word. Love it. And I love your artwork (I'm always in awe of how you manage to draw those intricate, intricate flowers!). Can't wait to hear all about your exuberance/exuberant adventures.


ah, I LOVE it! everything about it. and especially the graphics and the colors...and saying EXUBERANT out loud (ok, don't so much like to type it, but I guess you'll get lots of practice!) This is my 5th year taking Ali's class - and I'm still excited and energized about the process. Here's to growing luxuriantly in 2015!


What an awesome word and I think you will live it well!

Lisa H

What a word! Wonderful. It's one of those words which sounds like the meaning. I look forward to dropping by more often (hopefully) and catching up :-)


Well you already know I'm a fan of Ali Edwards One Little Word :) And I love the one you have come up with for 2015. Love the energy of it. A great reminder when you're in one of those weeks/months that are dragging you down, to re-focus and find the meaning in your word again. I obviously had the same kind of word calling out to me, as you said on my blog, with Vibrant. Be interesting to see how we both find our words influencing our lives this year. Px


Exuberant! What a great way to,start the year-full of positivity.


just saying the word fills me with energy - love your art piece

Jacky S

What a wnderfully positive word.


What a fabulous word. I feel like jumping up and waving my arms in the air just thinking about it. All the very best with it. I can't wait to see where it takes you

Cheri Andrews

What an absolutely perfect word for you Alexa! So positive and happy and joyful and uplifting and.... Wow! I can only imagine the kind of year you'll have with Exuberant as your guide!


Brilliant choice of word Alexa...you will live it well, I have no doubt! Xx


I think your word will serve you well.
Best of luck in 2015.


What a wonderful word, Alexa!! I hope your year is truly Exuberant in every way! I have been slow in reading blog posts recently so have some catching up to do. Your time with your daughter sounds amazing - I look forward to seeing/hearing more about the photo book.


Love your choice of word! Looking forward to seeing your photo book :)


What an exciting word you've chosen - can't wait to see where it takes you.


Oh yes that is a superb word for you and I can't wait to see how you explore it this year. I love the ballerina dancing wish I could back to my childhood and continue with my ballet classes.

Thank you for your kind comment Alexa I'll share my word in the next few days

Jo xx


That is a great word!! Your pattern is so fabulous and happy and it fits perfectly. I may join in Ali's class, not sure yet, but good luck with it!! Can't wait to hear about your adventures this year!


That picture looks amazing and I can't imagine having to dig the car out of the snow...it seems so foreign to me given in Brisbane we don't get snow at all. Thanks for stopping by and leaving lovely comments too as they are always well received. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

Prairie Jill

Oh, what a wonderful word to choose!! Lovely art, too. Enjoy!!


Happy New Year Alexa. What a perfectly wonderful and suitable word for you. I can see it suiting you to a tee. And yes, I'll come along with you.

Melissa Gross

What a fabulous word for the year - looking forward to following your exuberant journey!

Karen Walker

Oh, that is just a wonderful choice! And I'll be looking forward to the photo book, and following the journey for 2015!


I love this word and I can't wait to see where it takes you this year.


Great word! The happiness flows out of you!


Hey Alexa! This is a great word! It is just filled with joy and happiness and is so dynamic! I love it...and the artwork is perfect! I look forward to your exuberant year! Carry on!

Missus Wookie

Oh what a lovely word to choose - amazing artwork and feeling of exuberance.


I love exuberant it's a great word and your dancer fits it perfectly. I hope your year is full of adventures and moments.

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