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Monday, 26 January 2015


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Wow. Superb pages for your holiday album. It looks like an excerpt from a professionally designed book. I hasn't realised you were still seeing snow. We've hardly seen a single flake of the stuff. But now I'm thinking of it, a friend of mine who works near you posted pics last week showing the snow. Hope you're fully stocked up for the cold snap which is supposed to hit us later in the week. P xx


Loved reading your account of your adventures.....so beautifully written and so aesthetically pleasing, too.


Your holiday photobook is already looking marvellous! No snow in London, thankfully.

Jacky S

The perfect antidote to a cold snowy day.


Lovely as ever. Im hoping for more snow this week so I can crack on with some of my trips. I dont feel guilty if Im sat at the computer when I cant get out :) xx


No sunshine here, and lots of flurries, but gratefully we're nearly 400 miles west of the blizzard predicted for the east coast tonight and tomorrow, so there's no complaining here. Your photo book is looking great!


The pages looks great and I was so engrossed in the story that I didn't notice typos (and it's the kind of thing that usually registers with me.) Get going on more pages - I am waiting. (wink!)


Your holiday book looks so professional - I'm looking forward to reading the next installment. I don't envy you having to walk through all that mud!


I loved the design of these and the stories! You include so much, I was engrossed. Gorgeous pages as always Alexa.


Simply beautiful, book, writing and pictures. Hope you have a calm week Alexa.


Oh I wish I could pack a little of my sunshine and send it your way! Always a pleasure to see what you're creating lately :)


We have a little smattering of snow appearing as I type. Enough to cheer, not enough to be a bother. The best kind!

I hope your week is shaping up well. Your pages are beautiful.


Pleased to say we are still escaping the snow Alexa, you seem to have everyone's share!
Your pages and story are amazing - what an adventure!!! I'm not sure if I would be laughing or crying or whether the crying would be hysterics or fear! Brave you two!!


If I could send some sunshine, you know I would!..the book is looking fab! Xx


Sorry Alexa..meant to say that I hope your dad is reassured and that the snow clears soon xx

Missus Wookie

Gorgeous photos - that book will be a treasure indeed. I'm not sorry that the snow has missed us - although we've been having freezing rain instead...


Oh my, what an exciting adventure! When's the next installment? Loved seeing your new Keens all muddied up…looked a bit like gold (alas, I know it wasn't).
Have you decided on how you're going to publish this album? A book or in a binder?

I trust you aren't seeing the fluffy white stuff as you read this; it's still quite c-o-l-d here and forecast: more of the same. Snow? Don't know; as always, with Mother Nature: all's a toss up.


Melissa Gross

Oh goodness, I wish I could send you some of the beautiful sunshine we've had this week - temps in the 70s several days, but back to the 40s today. How FUN to use this time to work on that vacation album - it looks great.


Oh, the mud picture is a great one, but it kinda gives me the shivers.


gosh that looks fantastic. How do you do the pages? I often think I would love to do something like that but I haven't a clue what software to use or how to start.
perhaps I really am computer illiterate - sigh

Fiona@staring at the sea

Oh yes, getting out the holiday pictures is the best thing to do when there's snow on the ground. None here now, Tuesday's sprinkling was a short lived surprise, but it's been below zero all week.

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