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Wednesday, 17 December 2014


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Jacky S

You obviously do simple,fast and improvised very well indeed....because this looks wonderful....and I love the 'pastelness' of it....glad you've had a lovely family get-together.

Julie Kirk

It's looking *so* beautiful Alexa! I'm thrilled to have had a walk-on role in its production! The colours may not be traditional 'Christmas' ones ... but they are certainly the colours you find in winter sunsets!

Wonderfu, wonderful memory keeping. xx


Looking wonderful so far. Beautiful colourful pages to work with and I love the texture on them. It's going to be fun filling them in especially with the flaps and pockets :) Px

Fiona@staring at the sea

Oh, it's beautiful Alexa. What a wonderful "Book of Days" you'll have to look back on. Fortune and Geese have certainly favoured you.

Melissa Gross

This is absolutely fantastic Alexa! It seems out of your usual clean & simple look at first, but as you bring the pages together they are definitely you! I'm not doing a December Daily type project this year, but have been taking lots of photos & recording many of the goings on on the blog to pull later for layouts.

Karen Walker

It's wonderful. I can't quite imagine putting that amount of time into a project right now. This is the first year in eight that I haven't done a Christmas journal of some kind. Can't wait to see more!


What a fun way to document the season! Love the tiny clothespins holding the pages separate.looking fwd to see in the contents .

Missus Wookie

Lovely colours and textures here. I decided as part of my simplification this year not to worry about doing a daily - the family and I will do our duos and capture stories while home relaxing and that will be enough :)


A cinnamon scented album? How lovely does that sound! It looks beautiful and I'm hoping you'll show us a few more pages before Christmas is over


What a wonderful idea! Hope you have a lovely Christmas x


I haven't been too tempted to do any kind of December album this year... until now that is... what a beautiful project you have going! Just makes me want to dig in and start playing!

Prairie Jill

Ooh, I love the way your book is coming along! I really love the beautiful painted pages. (I bet they would make wonderful textures to layer over photographs, too!)
Hope you have a very merry Christmas!


It looks gorgeous Alexa. There is something very freeing about creating art out of an old book. What life you are putting in those pages!


Well, I'm taking a few moments here in the home stretch and am delighted to come across this post. It looks wonderful - it looks like such fun!


Wonderful Alexa! I've had such a busy month I've not had time to read Julie's posts yet so I have some catching up to do. Yours is certainly a good example though and it will be a lovely memory book.


Oh the textures, the colors and the look of it all are just very inspiring to me, even if the Holidays are long gone by now! I really want to try making a book like this one of these days :)

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