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Monday, 29 December 2014


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Fiona@staring at the sea

Wow! You had plenty of the white stuff in your neck of the woods, Alexa. We had a hard frost this morning and it hasn't given all day. The first time this Winter, I think. I love the week between Christmas and the New Year beginning too. Wishing you all good things for 2015 x


What fun! I'm with you...it's hard to hunker down indoors when there's a bit of sunshine and lots of snow outside. What a great way to remember the last few days of 2014!!


What a lot of snow. We've not had any yet. Your journal looks great full of memories.


Sooo Jealous, we only had a bit of snow fall & it didnt stick around :( I was looking forward to taking the kids out on sledges. Ah well, I'm sure more shall arrive next year :)


Blimey, it always surprises me that though we are not that far apart, you seem to have such different weather. We've had frost only. I love going for walks when there's snow and sunshine combined. Visually it looks beautiful but I guess it didn't feel so delightful when digging cars out and travelling around. Great to see your Christmas Daily being updated and that you've had time to play. I know what you mean about this time of year being a joyful one. As you say, the promise of new beginnings in the air :) I've picked my word of the year already and scheduled a blog post for January 1st. I wrote it up this afternoon so I'm very aware of thinking about the New Year. Pxx


Love how you note that this week always seems 'outside time', as it's how I've always thought of it too....love your Dec. Daily: so different to your usual style but, at the same time, so 'you'!!!


Oh my goodness that looks wonderful! With the emphasis on the "looks": not so much fun when there are hospital appointments in the offing. I hope all was well. There's no doubt, though, that there is an energy , a fresh, biting cold New Year energy, jumping off those snowy pictures and I hope 2015 is full of creative good things over at yours Alexa

Julia Heald

Belated festive greetings and a happy 2015 to you and yours Alexa. Love your photos. Hope it isn't causing too much hassle for you though. We had a little here in Warrington but all gone now :( enjoy the walks and the scrapping x


your snow is just gorgeous and so is your December journal with all those retro looking pages with fab pockets xxx


We too have had some snow and it's still on the ground but nothing like yours. Beautiful to look at but not so nice to try and get about in. Hope to see you soon. Jan 10th maybe???


I can't imagine doing all the everyday things in snow, although it does look beautiful when it's fresh. Have a wonderful New Year.

Jacky S

The snow looks beautiful....but please keep it to yourself! The journal looks even better.


Love your smiling face and the snow! Hopefully we'll have some in January or February but it's definitely not a given here. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. I, too am ready for fresh beginnings and new starts :) Happy New Year, Alexa!


You look so happy out in the snow! I agree with you about this week. The week between Christmas and New Year's I always take off work and use the week to just relax and get ready for the New Year. And I'm so excited about 2015! Can't wait!

Melissa Gross

Oh my, it looks might cold to me . . . but quite beautiful! I've been looking forward to the new year, pondering and planning and re-arranging furniture for a fresh new start to the year. Hope y'all have a happy new year & FUN week!


Oh how I wish I could have some of that sunshine - I'd even take the snow with it. We seem to be mired in rain and clouds these last few weeks. Happy New Year to you and yours Alexa! I do love the excitement of the New Year beginning too.

Prairie Jill

Oh, that snow is so beautiful!! And the temperature isn't too bad (well, not by my standards anyway: our high today was a bracing -20C!!!). Glad you could get out and enjoy it. It sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Happy New Year!


Wow - that snow is lovely! I had a packing up Christmas, puppy-watching, leftover eating kind of weekend myself.

Katie Bolinger

Oh snow. Here in the Chicagoland area we have temps of -13°C and not one snow flake. It's dreary but where you are looks so clean and bright. The way winter should look. Hoping you and yours have a wonderful new year and fabulous 2015.


I'm ready for a new year now too...I always am when Christmas is over! I woke to an icy, white world when I was in Scotland at the weekend- but no snow! Xx


Love the snow! And clearly you did too. Good to "see" you and looking forward to "reconnecting in 2015." Have a safe and fun New Year's eve.



Sounds like our Christmas wrap up, minus the snow. I love the journal pages.


Wow - you've had a lot of snow! Wishing you and your family a very happy new year! x


For me, there's no contest. I'd be out enjoying the sun and the snow.


Such stunning views. Personally don't mond snow if j can stay inside!

Hope you have had s good Christmas & Nee Year

peppylady (Dora)

I stop in from "Notes on Paper" in her "by the numbers". The snow came late here in North Idaho but now we're getting a nice study fall of it.
I like your scrapbook.
Hope you fine the time to stop in for some coffee. Hope you have a blessed 2015


Last year brought so much snow that I was certain I never wanted to see it again. But you might be making me change my mind.


Just popping in to wish you a happy New year Alexa! I am so jealous of your snow! We were just greeted with rain!


A Happy New Year to you, Alexa! Wishing you all the best for 2015 :)

Mel j

Happy New Year Alexa! Great post what an amazing Christmas view! Thanks for all your comments on my blog this year. You're so sweet!


Brrrrr........ we have only had sharp frosts on occasional mornings so am happy to admire your snow from afar! Glad you managed to enjoy it and also to find some time for creating pages. I love the pocket with the window - made me think of a good use for all those CD cases I have - but perhaps this is one after the Alexa magic!!
I agree, it is good to review and look back but even more exciting and worthwhile to look forward. Hoping 2015 is a wonderful year for you in every way x


Catching up with some blog reading. Theses photos are wonderful. I live walking in the snow when it is sunny - glorious!

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