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Sunday, 21 December 2014


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Jen Hart

Oh Alexa, that book!! Ours is completely falling apart, but that Vanilla Fudge recipe is one of our favourites and my Auntie Pat made some just this very week when she came for Christmas lunch. Thanks so much for sharing that.

Your line "when aprons no longer brushed my ankles" just told the whole story for me. Wonderful. Merry Christmas to all of you.

Melissa Gross

What a lovely story & beautiful memories. How wonderful that you've found a copy of the book & will making new memories this Christmas! Robbie & I both have our grandmother's old cookbooks, with handwritten notes in the margins and creases and stains on some pages.


I have inherited my mum's cook books which I treasure. But she didn't write down her cake recipes which I miss. So pleased you were able to track a copy of the book you had. I remember Peppermint Creams were the first sweets I made, using an upturned egg cup to cut them out. Your beautiful photos & enchanting writing has elicited this nostalgia and brought back almost-forgotten and happy memories. Have a wonderful Christmas. Hugs. Paul xx


What a fantastic story. There is nothing like the memories we have of helping our mum in the kitchen. I have inherited my mum's handwritten recipe book-double whammy here- her handwriting and her recipes. Of course the one she never wrote down was 'Failure', a gooey chocolate cake named so because it never turned out how it was meant to. Thank goodness it didn't.

Jacky S

My very similar story would involve semolina shortbread......and we'll be making it again tomorrow.


What a lovely story. We have a BeRo book stuffed with little handwritten notes so it's twice its original size. When I moved out my Mum had got me one of my own. Have a good Christmas😊


Oh wonderful that you managed to get a copy of that book! I do hope that you create many more happy memories with this one. Wishing you a very merry Christmas x


What a wonderful read just before Christmas! I hope you and your daughter have a great time together in the kitchen! My mom doesn't really cook so I don't have any childhood memories of cooking with her and now I have two boys who couldn't care less about the kitchen! Merry Christmas!


I'm so pleased you tracked that book down! What a gem it is! We have a very old copy of the Biro flour book that mum still uses for pastry recipes etc. I hope she doesn't throw it out as it is a real treasure to me too!
Enjoy your christmas with your family and thank you for your story. You tell it so well. I was right there with you! x


How wonderful! As you know we are massive fudge fans here :) I hope the new copy of the book marks the beginning of a whole new set of happy baking memories. Merry Christmas to you and yours Alexa


Dear Alexa- what a perfectly charming, heart warming and fun memory; thank you ever so much for including us. A real treasure and I know you and your daughter will cherish the book and your experience. The very best holiday and wishes for a fabulous, creative 2015. I look fwd to experiencing the year with you.


What a lovely post Alexa! I loved ready about your Christmas memories and seeing those wonderful photos from The Book. I imagine you were so excited to have sourced a copy of your own finally - the wonders of the internet really do pay off sometimes! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and reliving family traditions. xx


Lovely story Alexa! It reminds me that we grew up with the red & white checkered "Better Homes and Gardens" cook book. My own mother's version was pretty ratty when my sister inherited. I was gifted with my own brand new copy when I married. And I suppose I will likely carry on that tradition and gift the most current version when my own girls marry. Enjoy your baking!

Prairie Jill

Ahh, what a lovely story! I hope you had a beautiful Christmas. Best wishes for the New Year! (And enjoy the longer days now that we're past the 21st!)


My Mother had the Anniversary edition of the Good Housekeeping cookbook and I was given my own copy when I married the first time. That copy disappeared at the time of the divorce so I spent real money on a replacement. It wasn't quite the same.
Imagine the emotions when My parents came to live with us and that Anniversary edition came too. It sits on my shelf now and Miss Boo has asked if she can have it "when you stop cooking, Grandma". How can any woman refuse a request like that? Lovely memories conjured up by your description


I only managed one entry this year myself! Yours is wonderful - I love the vintage photos and memories to go along with them.
Rinda (back after a long blog break)


Alexa this is wonderful. My mother had the very book your pictures are from, You have brought back lovely memories and tears to my eyes. Happy New Year to you & yours. xxx


What lovely memories and traditions you are carrying forward!

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