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Sunday, 30 November 2014


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I love that waterfall picture!!! Thank you for the tea and the visit! I would love to see more of your altered book as you work on it! I have absolutely no plans for recording my December ! Shocking I know! But I think I need a break ... Or something to inspire me... Have a wonderful time with your family!


What a lot going on for you :) Sounds like you'll be in your element though with all your family around. Your altered book looks interesting. Can't wait to see it's progress. Pxx


And thank you so very much to you Alexa for joining in so often. It is always a joy. Your photos are beautiful. That waterfall one brought such a smile to your face. You both look so happy. How is the photo book coming along? What size did you end up going for? Things giving me joy and energy are a bit of embroidery and planning some weaving projects for when I get home. And the thought of christmas of course! x


Oh, dear Alexa, how lovely to spend some time with you. I adore the photo of you and your daughter. I am trying to find my way back to blogging but keep letting myself stay in a rut. The only crafting I have been doing has been to sell (hopefully), quite a few things on canvas. I am looking forward to December, many glorious things coming our way.

Jacky S

Such a full,interesting tea time chat,Alexa....and that is the most stunning photo.


I agree the light at the moment is so short and the sun often so low it causes problems but I've also managed some fabulous shadow and reflection photos recently and orange skies (around 4pm!!) Love your big view - must feel so good to get out and blow away the cobwebs


It's been an absolute pleasure travelling round for a coffee ( I wouldn't like to use up your holiday beans, but I must say I'd love to give them a try!) and a chat with you and the others every month. Such a great way to catch up on the news.

Yes, the lack of light has me struggling here too. That and a camera which refuses to charge..

Have a wonderful time with the family.


So lovely to catch up with you! If I were there, I'd love just a taste of coffee made from those Costa Rica coffee beans. Although I enjoy tea in the evening, coffee is definitely my drink of choice. We've just had a lovely visit from our daughter, son-in-law, and nearly 3 year old grandson. Sarah and I managed to complete a couple crafts (one for her, one for me), but I don't try to get anything of substance done while they are here for a visit. Love the photo of those beautiful hills, and the vacation photo with you and your daughter is spectacular. Deserves a frame, I'd say!


So nice to catch up with you Alexa. That photo of you and your daughter is STUNNING and I agree with Karen... deserves to be framed. All three of my girls were home for Thanksgiving for a full week + which meant I got nothing of my own done. No crafting whatsoever. It just doesn't seem to fit in while they are here - all my time goes to them (not that I mind). Today is my first day of true quiet since coming home from the hospital. I'm really enjoying the silence and time to myself! :)


What a gorgeous waterfall picture of the 2 of you. I know what you mean about going through pictures like that distracting you from what you want to do. But what a nice distraction. I've decided not to do a December album/project this year as it is only the 2 of us. I must say I'm looking forward to the 21st when the days start getting longer again.


Beautiful, Alexa, as always. Love the photo of you and your daughter (so wonderful). Your photos of the 'hills' made me so nostalgic...have a wonderful time with your son and grand-littles.....he's *so* big now!!!!


beautiful photos and a lovely catch up, thanks for the tea x


Oh I do hope it's not the very last time I get to catch up with you? Thank you for tea today though, your pictures are indeed stunning. Have a wonderful festive family time. Planning for my family visiting gives me enormous joy right now but energy levels are a bit on the low side I'm afraid. x


Ahhh...what a wonderful catching-up post, Alexa! I really wish I could pop in and have a cuppa with you (& maybe some tomato bread - it looks so tasty!).
The photos you have are beautiful and Costa Rica sounds amazing. I'm so out-of-touch too, I didn't even realise you'd gone there (did you tell me / us? I forgot...sorry!). It's great to have lovely photos - and memories - of an amazing trip, with special people, to sustain you when the weather is rotten and Life is crazy.
I hope you enjoy the visit from your son and family - and that the lad likes his "high-up bed" - mine does!
Love to you and all the family. Hope Dad is doing well. XX


That was an enjoyable read, punctuated by lots of interesting photos--snippets of your life. Speaking of moving things around in advance of guests--the biggest problem we have is that, between uses, our guest room is the stopping place for anything/everything that either doesn't have a home or that we are too lazy to put away. So, yes, there will be much moving, rearranging, and cleaning in advance of guests later this month. The good news...I will feel much better about things once it's done.

Melissa Gross

I do think I'd like to try that tomato bread, thank you! :>) I've been altering an old book, too, and hope to use it as a gratitude or faith-based journal next year. It's an old copy of The Power of Positive Thinking. I've had a burst of creativity this past week, making lots of gift tags & a few FUN handmade gifts. I've so enjoyed my FUN word this year that I'm pondering what/if I'll have a word for next year. Hope you are having a lovely December so far!

Prairie Jill

Oh, how lovely to catch up with you!! I loved the coffee and food, of course, but hearing your stories, and seeing your photographs and crafts was even better. Interesting to talk about how we seem to go in fits and starts with creative projects. I go on a binge with one thing, then get lazy and don't do anything, then go off another tangent for a while and .... well, you get the idea! The one constant is photography. I never seem to get tired of taking photographs, even when it's grey and overcast. As long as it's not too cold! (Canadians talk about the weather a lot, too!)

Take care and enjoy the holiday season!


Lovely to catch up with you and that shot of you in the waterfall is fantastic!

Missus Wookie

Oh such a nice catch up - wish we could do it all in person don't you? The photo of the two of you at the waterfall is indeed amazing - captures the sense of adventure so well. That last photo of the path leading us away - made me sigh with happiness too. So atmospheric.


I'm sorry that I'm so late for tea, but what a glorious catch-up it's been! Your photos are stunning and I had a small "Ahhh" moment when I saw the photo of your grandson.
Looking forward to seeing what you did with the book!


Oh my! tea was just lovely and I do so appreciate the time we had to catch up; it's been too long! Love the pic of you and your girl in front of the waterfall. So good to reconnect. Looking fwd to another year.

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