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Monday, 24 November 2014


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Fiona@staring at the sea

How wonderful to spend that time with your daughter. A well deserved break. I'm liking the idea of MVPs. I think it's sort of what I'm doing with my dressmaking...at last! The need to move forward has become greater than the fear of the mistakes.


Ah yes, I hear a lot about MVPs & MVAs, especially this year. Must be the new buzzword. Love the layout you produced and glad you found a template you're pleased with. Mind you, as long as you have some written notes of your memories, it doesn't matter how long it takes to produce your holiday journal, just as long as you enjoy the process. You can keep reliving the happy time over and over, as you add yet another page. Pox

Karen Walker

I've never heard of MVPs, but it makes so much sense to me. I'm still dithering about a photo book on our trip to Istanbul over a year ago! It's top on my list for next year. Your trip sounds absolutely fabulous! Nothing better than time alone with one of your kids! It's a rare event once they're grown and gone from home.


Sounds like a wonderful mother/daughter adventure and I look forward to hearing more details! I'd never heard of MVP in any context other than "most valuable player" but the concept certainly is appealing. Wondering what an "MVP" day would look like.

Jacky S

I like the sound of MVP as well....and love the sound of your exotic break.

Katie B

Your layout is so simple and elegant. I've always thought of MVP as most valuable player but Minimum Viable Product is a good one for a perfectionist artist to remember. This weekend we put MVA into practice getting the house ready for my son's birthday party now I have to deal with the closed door rooms where everything was put to make the rest of the house look nice.


What a pair of adventurers you are! And an inspiration..I certainly hope that in a few year's time TSO and I will be looking forward to spending time catching up with each other like this. I'm another one ready to embrace the idea of an MVP, or two, or three

Esther A

Oh, but MVP means compromising and abandoning perfection! It hurts!! ;)
I always take ages to get a few pages done and settle on a design theme, then the pages just roll out. It's all in the planning...
This looks like a most excellent design. It's funny how although I know you've split the photo, I can't help but fill in the blank with yet more palms on an expansive beach.


loving both the idea of MVA and the one you came up with for your design

Missus Wookie

MVPs are something Wookie has to work towards on a regular basis - the balance between all the bells and whistles you COULD put in and what will actually do the job. Tricky things - your pages look good and I hope we hear more of your adventures later.


In this busy season of the year, I'm going to remember MVP. I can't wait to see more pages on your trip. You're off to a good storytelling start!


Sounds like a great adventure, can't wait to hear more! Love the MVP, I hadn't heard of that before.


How lovely for the two of you to make some wonderful memories together x


Lovely to catch up with you Alexa.....and how lovely to hear that you've been having fun! Xx


Sounds like an amazing trip, can't wait to hear more!

Yvonne Yam

Go with the first option....that's the best one...lol
I think when it comes to design, we tend to overthink things.


I love it! I'll put MVP into practice with my December book which needs to be ready to actually start recording my december days!. Lovely page Alexa, I love how you split the picture of the palms.

Melissa Gross

What a lovely beginning for your project! I'm looking forward to reading more about this adventure as you complete more pages.


I think there are a whole lot of valuable lessons to learn here, but no one has ever accused me of being a perfectionist.


It looks lovely! Hmmm, MVP - I'll have to remember that one. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your adventure.


You've got me thinking with the MVP thing - not immediately sure to apply it to my my own art/life but I'm sure there's something there for someone with limited energy! I love your way of journalling, such a wonderful record to have. And by the way, I love your warm insightful comments on my blog too, very much. Its just that I don't always have the energy to tell you so!


How wonderful to spend some precious time together. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip :)


Hia, it's Helen (I've been blogging from the blog I'm leaving the comment from, for the last few months, whilst I've been trying to find my feet again after all the events of the last few months).....email me - would love to hear from you again (I've been missing you, Sian and Julie - and Amanda....).....so pleased to see you were able to spend some holidays with your daughter....I've heard Costa Rica is beautiful, so I hope you had a really wonderful time.....reconnect soon, hopefully xxxx

Julie J

I shall have to remember that. We so often fail to produce anything because we are trying to get it just right.


It will be interesting to follow you and your daughter on this trip. As a not-so-recovering perfectionist, I certainly "get" that you want everything to be just right before you let it go, but I think Himself is definitely on to something with his MVP suggestion.


What a treat!

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