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Wednesday, 10 September 2014


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Paul B

Aww Don't give up! Next year might be a bumper crop. We're doing very well for homegrown. Everyone who walks by our garden comments on the giant squashes. It's all down to Nick's green fingers, not mine lol. Who knows, if you try again, you'll be selling them at farmer's markets :) Pxx


From little acorns and all that!


That is just too sad Alexa! But I'm so glad you have a sense of humor about it!

lea lacoste

that is a lot of nights! i would love to grow my own food, but seriously slugs!! huh I just can't!


Slugs. Ack. Aren't they the worst?! There's always next year..at least that's what we tell ourselves round here..

Jen Hart

It's the taking part that counts though right :-)


I have to admit I had a chuckle and love that you saw the funny side! Slugs are the bane of our garden too. I am also keen to hear more about those torchlit slug hunting evenings!


Well, here's a shoutout for the TRY! As a friend oft quoted: nothing beats a failure - not saying yours was - but a TRY! Just think of all you learned ...I had to chuckle, too over the lesson learned...so over...
Fun and done!



Uff! Slugs. Sure that the next crop will be better.

Jacky S

It certainly made me smile....we've given up on potatoes as well....courgettes on the other hand....

Fiona@staring at the sea

Oh no! My good friend, who has the first (and only, I think) climate change farm, says there is no point in growing ordinary crops like potatoes yourself. Instead he grows the unusual things that he can't easily get in the shops.

Julia Heald

Did you grow them in a bed or a sack? We usually have good results with the sack although never masses! Very clever summary for 20 words and made me smile (sorry it was at your expense!)

Mel J

Oh no! This is the kind of experiences we have! Certainly no green fingers! Bet its frustrating when you have to buy potatos from the supermarket now!


I love growing my own but found it is famine or feast with results like yours or a glut. Your post did make me smile Alexa!


oh alexa, a lot of effort by the sounds of it, for very little reward. slugs are a pest, they eat my hosta's!


LOL, with a great deal of sympathy. This is the second year in a row that our vegetable garden has been a huge disappointment. We're going to try a smaller one in our own yard next year, but give up the community garden plot. We're in the process of planning a longer-than-usual holiday next summer anyway, so it will be easier to find a neighborhood kid who'd like to earn some money watering plants here, than to find someone to tend to the community garden plot. The first year was the best garden, and it was terrific. They've all been downhill since, and I can't explain it.

Melissa Gross

What a great way to illustrate & tell this story! Yes, we are over grow-your-own, too! LOL


YUK! I hate slugs!!! They have decimated some of my plants this year, grrr! Sorry you have not had better luck with grow your own potatoes!


So much effort for so little reward--though you are at least able to laugh about it! I hope some of your other crops did better.

We haven't had a garden in years, mostly because we had way too much of some things (tomatoes) and not near enough of others (corn). Call me lazy, but the ease of store-bought trumps the satisfaction of grow-your-own.


LOL! the only thing that has ever been worth it for me to grow is garlic and sage. everything else is not worth the cost or the time & effort. You have my sympathy.


Love this post - it had me laughing out loud.


So funny!


Oh dear, that's not good. My winter garden has been a bit like that ... although we do need to get going on eating our broccoli. My sister planted potatoes once and the next year more popped up so unless you were really thorough you may find you get some next year ... maybe?


I love this! It made me laugh but I felt bad for it! Gardening is not my thing either and I especially hate it when bugs get to the brand new plants I planted, I feel your frustration!

Yvonne Yam

Hahaha...gotta "hate" those slug-hunting nights eh? Hope your harvest tasted delicious at the very least. ;)

Missus Wookie

Oh dear - perhaps big bags would work better?

Prairie Jill

Oh dear! Thank goodness for supermarkets!



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