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Wednesday, 03 September 2014


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the swing photo is fantastic and looks like they were all having fun - what a busy month

Paul B

Blimey you have been busy - must have been a wonderful summer with all those family reunions. I recognise a lot of those gorgeous books in your stack, I think I own most of them myself too lol. Good to see you back blogging :) Pxx


My goodness, you have been busy! Looks like you have had a wonderful summer.


Those are some great numbers for what looks like really great times! I love the first photo as well!

Fiona@staring at the sea

Busy times. Both the fun and the exhausting kind. What a great numerical round up. A joy to see you pop up in my Feedly this afternoon, Alexa x


ha alexa...I see your four best men!! It looks like you have been enjoying yourself. The family member collage is great, it gives us a real snippet of your time together x x Enjoy your bloggers weekend too x


It looks as though your summer was splendid filled with family and fun, excepting perhaps the forced technology change-up. 15 bags of books, oh my goodness, I'm sure the charity shop was thrilled, as will be a few crafty gals. Here's hoping your autumn is lovely too.


Sounds like a lovely August, lots of family time! Great to see you back.


It's good to see you back xx

Karen Walker

Always glad to see you pop up in my Feedly! You've had quite the summer. The family reunion looks fabulous, and it appears that it's been quite a wonderful summer. Time with family trumps everything for me!


Love reading your month in numbers! Quite a time and fun adventures. So glad to see you back. Missed you. Sorry your Dad's cataract surgery wasn't as successful. Enjoy your new stack of books. Some I have read. Looks like a great selection.



So glad to hear form you again. It's certainly been busy for you. The family reunion sounds like a wonderful time.


What a lot of lovely family related busyness..it warms the heart to hear the lengths everyone was going to to get together.

And what a collection of books. That stack would look good piled up beside my bed! Are you having another bloggers weekend? That's something nice to look forward to

It's good to see a post from you pop up in my Reader this morning :)


good to see you and all your wonderful photos and read your witty recount of your Summer.... see you next week xxx


It really does sound like you had a busy, and happy, summer. I love the index card presentation of this post and all the colorful photos, especially the one where the family reunion was held. That looks amazing!


Wow! Alexa, that is a serious list of numbers. It looks like you had a fab time at the reunion. I love the happiness in all your photos. I can't wait to see you next week!

Beverly Edwards

I immediately wondered 4, shouldn't that be 5! :) This may be the biggest lot of numbers I have ever seen and it is perfectly done. I cherish family reunions and am so glad the brother in law was able to be with his siblings.

Melissa Gross

Oh, Alexa, it is so lovely to catch up with you! What a wonderful summer you've had with so many family get-togethers! So sorry to hear your dad's cataract surgery didn't go well. My Mama had cataract surgery on one last week & the other one today - so far it's been very successful. Hope you are having a lovely week & gearing up for a fantastic fall!!


What a wonderful summer you've had then! Love all the happy family get-togethers! And that stack of books... I own at least four of them.


Goodness, what a wonderful August you had! I love the swing photo.


welcome back! what a lovely post...so many delightful photos and memories from the month! it's funny, many times when you post I forget you live in a different country...but that Shropshire photo and the 10' tall hollyhocks reminded me!

Julie Kirk

Family reunion you say? It looks like you created your own summertime *festival* there! What a lot of colour and companionship and stories no doubt! And those views ... it looks like it will all have done you the world of good.

I'm pleased you've been surrounded by family - you give so much you deserve to be lifted by all those who love you.

Thanks for finding time to join me and to share your moments and lovely photos Alexa.

Your August is pinned to the Month in Numbers board with those from all the other documenters-of-digits here: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Here's to a happy-September ahead!

Julie x

sheena x

Great to have you back :)
Thats certainly one hell of a fabulous summer you had there x

Jen Hart

Wow, that looks like a lovely summer with so many family together :-)

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Love the numbers this month - so full of love and hope and happiness!
Looking forward to giving you a big HUG soon!

Julia Heald

What a busy Summer you have had and full of lovely things. A really lovely read this too. Great to have you back in blog land x


So glad to see you again! sending some Welsh cwtches because I have missed you. Your family reunion looks fantastic. I am just in the process of making the invitations for our next get together. There have been five new babies in the family in the last year and it is essential that they are brought out for all to see and admire. How can these little ones know where they come from if they never meet their cousins?

Oh I am so glad to see you! I have a big grin on my face, isn't that funny?

Prairie Jill

Oh, my, what a wonderful - and busy! - month.


What a clever idea! I see a mini-book in those tabbed pages. It sounds like you had a lovely time!! And, nothing better than free books!


So glad to see you in my feedly today. How lovely to read your numbers in such a gorgeous post I love a family reunion it lifts my spirits so much. A bloggers weekend sounds lovely... have fun x


Wow, you have such a way with words (and numbers lol)! Very interesting and entertaining reading, as always. Glad you got the computer situation sorted - don't think I could cope without the internet for 11 days!

Missus Wookie

Sounds like an eventful and mostly fun summer. Well done on the book sorting too :) I'm afraid my Feedly list went into four figures and I've marked all as read...

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