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Monday, 16 June 2014


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Well hello. What a beautiful photo of your daughter. Where does time go? All of a sudden she is not a little girl anymore but a beautiful young woman. I hope the difficult time is nearly over.


How lovely to see you, and with a beautiful page too. I hope 'things' settle down soon for you & your lovely daughter. x

Jacky S

Welcome back....and what a beautifully simple page.


It's lovely to see a post from you pop up in my Reader. And that smile! there's a family resemblance there :)

Karen Walker

That beautiful smile certainly is a bright way to begin my Monday! Glad to see you---and the lovely page---pop up in Feedly.

sheena x

Great to see you again x


I love the layout and that her smile just radiates over the whole page. I hope the days are filled with sunshine and smooth sailing the rest of the summer.


Ahhh it's nice to see you and your beautiful layout. A lovely photo x

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Hello, Alexa. It's lovely to see you. Thanks for the lovely comments you left for me on my blog. :o) I love the layout you posted here, and thanks for the link to the fun paper designs!

Prairie Jill

Ah, so that's where to get axonometric perspective and semi-bisected trapezoids! ... Wait, what?! Seriously, thank you for the link. I'm going to check it out.

I love your scrapbook page. So simple and beautiful.


Hello Alexa, lovely to see you. Don't worry about having to take time away, you post so beautifully that I am happy to be patient and pleased when opportunity allows. And I am sure I can speak for your other readers too. Thank you for the paper link - that looks really useful. And what a beautiful photo of your daughter. He bright smile is infectious xxx


I love school supplies and I love navy right now, so of course your combination of both here is a winner in my eye!


Welcome back. Be kind to yourself and visit blogland whenever it works.


Lovely layout and photo, thanks for the comments. It has always been D's dream to run a cake making business so who knows, watch this space. X

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Beautiful photo - lovely thoughts - a generous share - a stnning page!
Everything I expect when you post thank you xxx
Though I was hoping there might be a bisected trapezoid available, can't be doing with this semi-bisected rubbish ;-D


lovely page and thanks for the link - I know I'll be using it regularly


Its so nice to see you again. Nice layout and thanks for that link I'll have to go check it out.

Melissa Gross

What a lovely photo & a great page! Off now to check out the graph paper!

Paul B

What a lovely page. Your daughter has such a sweet smile. You've kept the layout and journaling so simple and yet it says so much. Hope you are inspired to create again soon. Pxx

Jen Hart

What a stunning photo. You have made a lovely page with it. I have just finished coaching Lauren through her last maths GCSE so thanks for bringing it all up again ;-)
I hope your summer settles down.


Your daughter looks so comfy and happy and content and I love this layout and wish I could join her in this great, cozy library. Thank you for sharing her and the layout...and, having myself been "silent for too long," I totally understand. We will be here, always happy to touch base, with you.

Cheers, friend~


I always leave here inspired. Thank you for that.


What a fab page! But I must say I have my doubts about axonometric stuff?


A great photo and lovely layout :)


Lovely, cheerful page--I especially like the string threaded through the grommets.

I understand what you mean about the swift passage of time, especially of the precious "at home" variety. It's still early Sunday afternoon here, but I still find myself wondering what happened to the weekend.

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