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Friday, 20 June 2014


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Deb @ PaperTurtle

Oh my gosh, Alexa, I absolutely love the princess project you took part in! Wow! I LOVED looking through all of the different wonderful works of art, and I just adore what you created for the project. Love, love, LOVE it! I'm going to go back and look at it again...

I also really love the embroidery you've shown. Are you inspired by Jane LaFazio? I am a big fan of her work since Sketchbook Skool! :o)


That Princess and the ? book is fabulous, and I love your pogo stick. The illustrations are absolutely wonderful.


Your embroidery totally caught my eye! The peaks look gorgeous and i hope you'll share more about it!


Am off to look at the Princess project...and I have to say you've been more creative than me...you have also reminded me that I must crack on with Fiona's quilt square!!
Alison xx

Paul B

Hehe Well that title of your post certainly raised an eyebrow here. Love the sneak peeks of your latest creative plays with your embroidery foot. Such beautiful arty designs. Not sure about whether my machine has two speeds but I know it was after I had mine for several years that I discovered it not only had an auto threader for the needle but that there was a blade built in to cut the thread. Off to visit the site, as you may know, Princess and the Pea is my favourite fairytale. I used to love the idea of being so delicate. Pxx


Oh, that embroidery looks so inspiring! I know I've said it before, but honestly you can turn your hand to absolutely anything. How very clever (and enviable, and inspiring...)

Fiona@staring at the sea

The embroidery is wonderful Alexa. I bought a Poppy Treffry book a while ago, with ideas of having a bash at it. I did laugh at the two speeds comments. I recently discovered my machine had 2 needle positions, also after owning it for around 6 years! Just spent a happy coffee break browsing The Princess and the ? Some extremely creative and talented folk taking part in that class.


I got totally sucked into the beautiful artwork for that princess project. Your one is so beautiful Alexa. I spotted your style immediately. What a fun roundup of your creative projects.


Oooo free motion embroidery! I'd rather like to have a play at that .... yours is so great.

Julie Kirk

What a fun project to be involved in - your collage is fab! And what a task for Carla to take on to honour all your contributions!

I love the look of the embroidery *and* the sound of the 'real life' classes you've been to. Nice to hear you've had some creative time to yourself.

And thanks, as always, for your support of my blog series! x

Melissa Gross

Looks like a fun batch of creativity!


Stunning work Alexa, what a talented lady you are. I'm also really pleased to know that you have had some good creative 'you' time. x


Where do I start Alexa?! Beautiful post as always, I love how you showed snips in circles... makes me want to see more!
Well done on the free embroidery, it looks another skill mastered and it would look beautiful added to different projects. And I love the idea of the princess project, you are doing some exciting courses, I must visit the zines. Pheww... got there! ;)


Back from visiting the e-zine, Alexa, there is lots of talent there and I love your pogo stick and your beautiful artwork. It is so playful and colourful. Congratulations!

Prairie Jill

Gorgeous! The free-motion embroidery is amazing - great work!


Great free motion stitching! I could use that class, too! Wonder if it's taught on this 'side of the pond'? Look fwd to seeing more.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Another seriously lovely post - and what a link - great to see so many artists on one theme!


It looks like you have a good, solid creative streak going here. I'm quite impressed with your machine embroidery, especially the tack down stitches on the cording. And the #8 mixed media has your name written all over it--simplicity and elegance combined.

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