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Wednesday, 28 May 2014


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lovely!! Is that from a fish-eye lens??
And your "zoom in" has given me inspiration for a future ZIZO!!!


Fab clear shots. Which camera do you use?


I love barbed wire. . . and rust . . . and fences!
What first shot is brilliant, and the second one so peaceful. Reminds me of Ireland.


These photos are awesome Alexa! ADORE that rust covered barbed wire.

Paul B

Wow great photos!!!! Are you using a special lens for the panoramic view? The Zoom in I must admit, I thought was a sculpture until I looked a bit more closely :) Pxx


What wonderful photos Alexa, I love texture and the rusty wire adds to the seduction of the scene behind.... so beautifully revealed. The effect really draws the eye in. How lucky you are to live somewhere so beautiful.

Fiona@staring at the sea

Love the first shot. Viewed in my reader, I thought it was a sculpture! Glad you go to enjoy that wonderful view.

Jen Hart

That panorama is gorgeous, as is the zoom in shot.


The panorama is fabulous, but I love the close up of the barbed wire as well!

Melissa Gross

Oh it is a lovely view!


stunning view and lovely lush grass and I love the detail of the barbed wire

bettyl - NZ

Both shots are great! Something about the barbed wire is intriguing.

Missus Wookie

What a gorgeous view, selfish of the UU to not want to share ;)

As a minor comment - Wookie worked for UU at some point and they were called UU by their employees/contractors, whilst I work for various ecumenical and religious organisations.... where UU has a different meaning. Confused me every time he talked about 'the UU are doing this....' as to *why* the Unitarian Universalists were getting involved...


what a cool idea! and I love the execution!


I love how the focus shifts in the two pictures to show a contrast between the "keeping you caged" of the wire and the "roam free" of the view


Such a wonderful view! Love the barbed wire!


Fabulous ZIZO Alexa. That view is breathtaking and I really love the rusty barbed wire. United Utilities? I have just watched (on the iPlayer) a series or programmes about them, did you catch it? So many parts of it were so funny! and I saw some spectacular scenery as the companies area is so wide spreading.

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Really cool photos, Alexa, and so nice to see what your world looks like (minus the barbed wire!). I had in fact never seen or heard of a kelpie before and I really enjoyed Helena's photos this week.

Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo


I always learn the most interesting things from you.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

That's a great pairing - how did you get that wide-angle effect?


Fantastic photos. So glad you decided to 'honor' the barbed wire. ;-))! and take the long view.

Prairie Jill

Wow, what a scary looking piece of barbed wire! But the view is gorgeous.


Beautiful view. Glad they couldn't prevent you from enjoying it.


Lovely pairing Alexa..I'm having a blog-catching up day today!
Alison xx


Great shots, but the wide one is beautiful!


Looks like Northumberland to me? Gorgeous picture.

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