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Friday, 16 May 2014


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I understand that feeling! It has been an absolute pleasure reading the moments and I can hardly believe how the time has passed so quickly since you suggested such a lovely idea. Maybe a few "flash" moments might appear in the future? but one thing's for sure - all those carefully, lovingly recorded moments are now with us forever. What a good thing that is

Lisa H

I've always enjoyed dropping in to read your moment. Your ease of words is sure to soothe and while I may not have joined in, I will surely miss it.

Fiona@staring at the sea

Another poignant moment to add to your beautiful collection Alexa. You write them so well and they always provoke some emotion in me. I've only joined in a couple of times myself, but I've enjoyed reading the other moments each month.


Alexa, you have and still do write beautifully. Such wonderful and calming words. I feel privileged to have had an insight into your little world each month. Thank you so much for running this meme. It has always been a favourite of mine.


I felt as I was standing a bit in the shadows watching, able to read your thoughts. You have such a gift with words. Thank you for sharing your moments with us and giving us a place to share some of ours.


Like some others, I will miss yours and those of my blogging friends who participates in "simply a moment." Your beautiful writing evokes such pleasure and emotion.

Melissa Gross

Oh Alexa, you always record these moments in such a lovely way - whether it's great times or good times or sad or difficult times, I always come away feeling like we're shared a special moment!


I have loved this series of monthly moments and whilst I will miss this meme, I can understand why you feel that it is time to bring it to a close. I hadn't realised you had been doing Simply a Moment for so long!
I love your style of writing and have always felt drawn into your 'moments'.


Lovely moment, especially the connection with the first in the series.


You take such care to describe things so fully, I do so enjoy and appreciate that. I'm more than a little sad to see the meme discontinued - I've learned so much from reading your lovely prose, but I completely understand the ebb and flow of blogging.


Alexa you write these moments so well that I always feel like I'm right there with you. I'll miss reading them in the future but understand.

Paul B

Another beautifully styled page containing exquisite journaling. Your story telling skills will be missed. I've enjoyed reading your moments. This layout is a superb swansong. Pxx


Two years!?...what a lovely meme this has been, Alexa...thank you you for being a most gracious hostess and allowing so many of us to share and record so many moments which would easily have been forgotten!
Alison xx

Missus Wookie

Agreeing with Sian that it is such a good thing that you encouraged us all to record our own moments. I've so enjoyed reading and enjoying the photos and pages you've created and those who have linked up with you. Please don't feel guilty - you've been such a gracious hostess. Thank you!


I've really enjoyed this meme, Alexa and I'm so glad you started it. Maybe someone else might like to carry it on, but I think two years is a good long time to keep something going!
As ever, your little moment is so beautifully recorded and filled with feeling. Life can be both sweet and sad at the same time - it's good to keep a few notes.
Hope your dad had a nice time, sitting out in the garden with his lunch.


Thank you so much for sharing two years worth of moments with me ~ it's been an absolute pleasure.
And as ever, you've captured this last moment perfectly.

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Oh, Alexa, this is such a beautifully written piece. Those moments when we remember those final times are often the toughest, aren't they? I have really enjoyed this meme and I applaud you for continuing it for two year and encouraging us to pause and share a moment in time. I will add my link at some point...still thinking on a moment to write about.

Julie Kirk

Echoing what Sian says - it's such a completely Good Thing to have encourage such reflection in a busy world. As I said in my post, this is something I'll have to be sure to continue in some way. I've often written this kind of thing in my journals ... but never thought to share them until I realised they fit with your moment-gathering.

It's been a pleasure to line up all our moments next to one another over the time.

Thinking of you and your Mum with the bluebells [and often think of her when I hear the birds in the garden too.] x


Another beautifully recorded and evocative moment filled with emotion and wonderful description Alexa. Thank you so much for sharing a little window into your life through this meme, I've really enjoyed reading your moments as well as those of many other bloggers that have joined in. Maybe I'll even get a chance to join in myself over the new week or two while the link is still open! Take care and thank you xx


Thank you so much Alexa for running this meme. I have so enjoyed joining in and can't quite believe it has been running for 2 years! Your last moment is very poignant and beautifully written. Thank you again as without this meme I would have lost some very precious moments.

Carola Bartz

Your writing is so beautiful! It fits the photo superbly. I wish I could work with words like you do (in English).


Thank you Alexa for hosting this wonderful meme. I really appreciate it, and I hope to continue writing and sharing simple moments from time to time.


Oh, that's a wonderful idea, Sian, 'Flash' Moments! Thank-you so much for all your unfailing support over the last two years :).

Prairie Jill

Another beautiful post. As always, you let me see and feel what you experience. Thank you for sharing that with us. I found your blog relatively recently, so I haven't been with you for long, but I have really enjoyed reading your Simply a Moment posts. I look forward to visiting back here often to see what you'll be writing about next!


ahhh a beautiful moment. Although i haven't joined in this year I enjoyed the moments I did manage to capture and more so enjoyed reading everyone else's x thanks Alexa x

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