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Thursday, 08 May 2014


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Oh I love this. It reminds me so much of the easy friendship my DS1 has with his friend, a boy who calls me mum2 and whom I call No. 3 (having two birth sons). I watch them with the same amazement and joy in their relationship as you watch your two girls. Lovely record and one that has greatly inspired me to do one for my son.


Maybe it's because I moved from state to state a couple of times growing up, but I never developed a friendship like that until I was an adult. What a wonderful relationship---beautifully captured in words and pictures!


What a beautiful page! One of my regrets about moving house so many times, is that I lost contact with some of my long standing friends from my school days. I often feel nostalgic about those days and wish I still had someone to talk to about them.


This is lovely, and really spoke to me today. TSO doesn't have a sister, though she often borrows mine, and I do worry about it. But I've been reassured by the number of birthday wishes she recently brought home from school friends. I think someone in there will turn out to be a twenty year friend. A beautiful page.

Paul B

Such a lovely, classy layout and beautiful soft colours. You have an eye for bringing elegance to your pages. I agree, it's joyful when you just use photos, journalling and a smidgeon of decoration :) Pxx


What lovely photos and journaling. Reminds me of my best friend from school and me - we always called each other sister and she called my mum 'mum2'!


What a beautiful page! You've captured their story perfectly.


What great pictures and lovely journaling to go along with them. Thanks for sharing it.


That's a great page, Alexa. If you don't have a birth sibling - or simply can't get along with the one(s) they do have! - then that "Best Forever Friend" relationship is about the most valuable relationship you'll ever have; possibly even more than a husband/wife... (not sure about that & of course, your partner can Be your BFF!). Everyone needs a friendship like this and it is rewarding to see our child(ren) enjoying something so very precious.
Great photos too!

Jacky S

A gorgeous layout,Alexa.....such lovely photos.....and perfect journaling.


This layout is elegant in its simplicity and the story is beautifully told. My daughters have friends like this - girls with whom they can pick up right where they left off after an extended absence. We moved so much when I was young (seven schools in seven years) that I never developed a friendship that held until I was a young adult.

Melissa Gross

What a beautiful page to document this special friendship/sisterhood! So good to "see" you and hear that all is well.

Fiona@staring at the sea

What a lovely relationship to document. I feel blessed to have friendships that have endured since my teens and twenties. Special indeed.

Jen Hart

Such a sweet capture and what a relationship to treasure.

A great page, love that flowing font.


Ahh a wonderful layout. My mum always said everyone should have a sister...they are lucky to have found there's x


What a lovely, evocative post. It reminds me of my own daughter, Karen, and her best-friend-from-kindergarten, Jess. I was thrilled beyond measure when Karen asked Jess to be maid of honor at her wedding and, though, they aren't as close now as they once were (their grown-up lives are very different from each other), I know they are in contact with each other several times each year. It gives me great comfort that Karen has such a long-time friend.


Oh this is wonderful! The friendship and the page made me smile :)

Yvonne Yam

A wonderful page documenting such a close friendship. Awesome. :)


I so agree about the joy of being around young energy - beautiful photos of friendship

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

WONDERful page - the photos are lovely and your way with words is simply incredible!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Such a sweet story of friendship and sisterhood, so beautifully written and photographed as well. Just lovely, Alexa!

Julie Jeavons

That sounds like a wonderful friendship they have.


What a lovely friendship, sounds like it will be life long too.


So lovely to catch up with you Alexa, your page is really beautiful and I am still smiling at your Simple Moment! Can't wait to see what you did.


There is something very special about long term friendships. And I know what you mean about being around young energy, it gives us some too sometimes, and leaves us uplifted.
Beautiful post Alexa and your photo is really enhanced by the light.


This is such a lovely post - the journalling in that scrapbook layout is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing! x

Missus Wookie

Oh what a lovely friendship and the record of that easy hanging out together is so nice. That is something I'm so glad Princess has been able to maintain, friendships are so sweet.

Lisa H

I love how you have celebrated their friendship right here on this page. So important.

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